Hooray! Fish And Wildlife OK With Condor Deaths From Wind Farms

Sucks to be a condor, which is a federally protected bird on the endangered animals list, listed as “critically endangered”, being one of the world’s most rare birds. There’s only around 226 left in the wild

(LA Times) Federal wildlife officials took the unprecedented step Friday of telling private companies that they will not be prosecuted for inadvertently harassing or even killing endangered California condors.

In a decision swiftly condemned by conservationists and wildlife advocates, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said operators of Terra-Gen Power’s wind farm in the Tehachapi Mountains will not be prosecuted if their turbines accidentally kill a condor during the expected 30-year life span of the project.

PS: They also exempted a private development which includes luxury homes and golf courses. And, yes, I’m on the side of the condors. Just because I’m not a Warmist doesn’t mean I’m not an environmentalist.

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12 Responses to “Hooray! Fish And Wildlife OK With Condor Deaths From Wind Farms”

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  2. Sliced_Gummy_Birds says:

    But, hey, its all for a good cause. For the common good, laws can be ignored. But only if it is the gov’t doing it. Who’s the gov’t going to answer to? Besides, isn’t this the survival of the fittest? IF birds are too stupid to stay away from twirling blades-o-death, then they don’t deserve to be protected. It’s for the good of the environment to have smart birds.

    And come on, the revenues benefit only a small select group of liberals. So, that makes it right.

  3. Perhaps if liberals learned to fly Fish and Wildlife would change their tune….

    Funny how they do these exemptions for liberal causes, eh?

  4. john says:

    “IF” one is killed. Teach as an enviormentalist do you think that they should be prosecuted? I do fine them heavily after all wind farms are VERY profitable.

  5. john says:

    and actually if anyone had the brains to use google you would find taht Daniel Revers cofounder of TerGen is a heavy contributor to REPUBLICAN causes. But much easier than using google is just to shoot first and google later. if you need help go google then tera gen then arclight. And Teach you GOTTA check back to primary sources.

  6. Gumd-up_Govt_Ballz says:

    Got any links there johnny boy? No?

    Hmmm.. looks like Archlight Capital is an investment firm and private equity firm that invests and finances energy exploration and delivery.

    And, IF he were donating to Republican causes, does not mean he is a Republican. Founder of Fox News is a liberal, but he donates to both Democrat and Republican tickets. He created Fox News because of the unique opportunity he saw.

    And, Capitalists never turn down free money. That’s why they are capitalists. Free money for less work? But, that doesn’t make it right. And giving them free taxpayer dollars is less than right. And then using that gov’t to turn a blind eye to the inherent dangers of windmill power generation is despicable. And then defending them is dishonorable john.

    Hey john, so you believe that just because a firm is profitable, then they should be fined? Well, guess you are all for fining the Feds then? They are the ultimate owners of that wind project. And, they ultimately allowed the deaths of Endangered Species. What about the Gulf Oil Spill? Didn’t the Gov’t Inspectors ultimately sign off on that oil rig? Don’t they allow drilling in the Gulf despite the dangers? Doesn’t the Feds allow oil to be pulled from the ground, mining of toxic metals, the smelting of same leading to caustic fumes, the selling and transfer of drugs and weapons over our borders, the deaths of millions of Americans?

    Shouldn’t the Feds have to be fined, John? I mean, since they have so much money. Right? And the Feds do make a tidy profit off of all this.

  7. Gumd-up_Govt_Ballz says:

    DOH.. looks like I was right.
    Silly me. looking it up.

  8. Un-fucking-believable. I thought John would have agreed with me on this, but look at him spin.

    Yes, John, they should prosecute. Period.

    And I wouldn’t care whether Dem or GOP.

    Do you think this is bad policy, John? Should anyone get a waiver? I don’t.

  9. gitarcarver says:

    I do fine them heavily after all wind farms are VERY profitable.

    Which is why the wind farms are going out of business all over he world. They are only “profitable” when heavily subsidized.

    They cannot compete with other forms of power, require lease agreements for the land, and require huge amounts of expensive maintenance.

    John really has problems with reality.

  10. They cannot compete with other forms of power, require lease agreements for the land, and require huge amounts of expensive maintenance.

    And requires that federal regulations on endangered species be ignored. Funny how the ObamaZombies show their true colors, preferring mostly worthless “green” energy projects over the biosphere.

  11. Monday morning links…

    A superstorm from the sun: Astronomers watching for potential catastrophe I blame global warming Toward Rivals, It’s Craigslitigious – The company’s response: lawsuits to prevent anyone from doing to it what it did to newspapers. Stellar science s…

  12. Dave says:

    I recently read some stats that explained how they would have to put a windmill in every square mile of the Atlantic ocean just to provide power to one major Atlantic city. Sounds like a really cost-effective green solution to me.
    Think of all the jobs that would create and all the tax dollars the government could piss away on that one.

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