Warmists Find Yet Another New Way To Say Warmth Is Being Hidden

While still managing to blame Mankind (via Climate Depot)

University of Manchester scientists, writing in the journal Nature Geoscience, have shown that natural emissions and manmade pollutants can both have an unexpected cooling effect on the world’s climate by making clouds brighter.

Ah. Partly Mankind caused clouds reflecting more solar rays back into space because they are brighter, otherwise the planet would be boiling from fossil fuels usage!!!!!!!!!

We developed a model and made predictions of a substantially enhanced number of cloud droplets from an atmospherically reasonable amount of organic gases.

Soooooooooo, no actual data? Just a model? Let’s go to The k2p blog, which found this “study”

How is it that – for a settled science – all these new “cooling” mechanisms are suddenly being found? Could it have something to do with trying to rescue climate models which have failed to predict the slowdown in global warming? “Climate science” is now hunting for previously unidentified cooling effects to explain the warming that has not happened.

The cult is desperately searching for ways to validate their prognostications, and seeing as how what they’ve been predicting is mire in a 16+ year period of statistically insignificant warming…..yet another period since the end of the Little Ice Age….they have to simply make it up as the go along, and throw in that it must be Mankind’s fault.

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2 Responses to “Warmists Find Yet Another New Way To Say Warmth Is Being Hidden”

  1. Globally_Warmed_Balls says:

    So,… bright clouds get brighter because of mankind? Wouldn’t that mean that the clouds were “cooling” to begin with? Something that the powerful all-knowing all-seeing models never considered.

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