Surprise: Liberals Become Violent During May Day “Protest”

They were probably not even sure what they were supposed to be protesting. There was the usual smattering of amnesty, give us someone else’s money, social justice, pro-Palestinian, Israel hatred, communist love, and anti-capitalism signs and rhetoric on view, all on a day originally designed to celebrate spring (except in Colorado, what with all their new snow) but taken over by communists to celebrate international workers day (where they apparently do not bother actually working)

(Fox 13) May Day protests in downtown Seattle Wednesday night turned violent for the second straight year, with protesters throwing rocks, bottles, metal bars at police and others. Police said eight officers were injured, mostly with scrapes and bruises, and 18 people were arrested.

Police used pepper spray and “blast balls” — a small firework-like device that gives of a loud bang, a flash and a dose of pepper — and other devices to drive the crowd of 150 to 200 people back.

Some in the crowd — self-described anarchists — wore masks and bandanas to cover their faces. As they moved into the downtown area, the protesters began chanting, “Let’s go shopping.”

“They approached the area of Westlake Mall,” said police Capt. Chris Fowler said. “They stopped. It was at that time that we began taking rocks and bottles.”

Rocks, bottles and metal bars were thrown at police, and windows in at least two businesses were broken.

You have to love the irony of these liberals….call them anarchists all you want, they still vote Democrat…causing harm to the places fellow citizens work and to their motor vehicles. If you head over to the USA Today reprint of the AP story, you’ll see a bunch of unhinged and violent liberals complaining about the way the police responded, without mentioning that maybe these same liberals shouldn’t get unhinged and violent. The Seattle PD live-tweeted the violence from liberals. There were around 16 arrests.

Even those who weren’t violent were unhinged. Here’s a perfect photo, via The Blaze from NRO’s Charles Cook, who spent the day witnessing Occupy Wall Street on May Day

We’ve go it all. Communism, SEIU (purple shirt), an Intifada keffiyeh, pro-amnesty, and an anti-capitalism sign. Oh, and dirty scruffy liberals.

In 2011, the Occupy movement had a distinct lentils-and-patchouli air. Now, it has taken a hard leftward turn. Che, Lenin, Mao, and Chávez all make appearances on signs distributed by a group calling itself the “Red Youth.” Flip their faces over and you’ll find either “Long Live Marxism-Leninism” or the more modern “Long Live Kim Il Sung!” written on the back.

“Down with Capitalism! We need Communist Revolution!” reads another group’s banner. Next to it, “Revolution — Nothing Less!”

No one should be shocked. And these are the base voters for Obama and the Democrats.

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4 Responses to “Surprise: Liberals Become Violent During May Day “Protest””

  1. Jim says:

    The great liberal/conservative/provocateur debate again. How sad, that a people cannot enjoy a parade, or express an opinion without provocateurs. Imagine,if we had a polite, police force, that let the people do as they wanted, legally, without any interference, and the police were there to ensure the safety of the people… Not ones that show up to a parade in riot gear, and then the provocateurs show up, come now, setup anyone?
    Oh, no, is that a liberal idea? or a tammney hall idea? or an american idea?

  2. Jim, the police show up in riot gear because year after year, protest after protest, they all then violent when liberals are involved. The police have learned

  3. Trish McNamara says:

    If you want to see peaceful, go to a Tea Party gathering.
    If you want to see anarchy at work, go to any leftist gathering and guaranteed a riot will break out.
    It’s not the cops fault that they must attend in riot gear, and just because they have it on doesn’t mean they wish for a riot to happen. It’s the morons in attendance’s fault all the way.

  4. Balls_of_Gum says:

    Here’s an odd question: How come the original May Day celebrations in USSR were peaceful? When they actually celebrated something instead of doing nothing but protest? Granted, and I approve, of these people’s rights to protest what they don’t like, but, why turn violent?

    This has occurred in several countries thus far. Countries that already have a socialist bent in fact.

    but, you are right teach. it is very odd that those who preach\push for anarchy are the ones that vote democrat tickets. The people they vote for enact more and more socialist\controlling\big government rules, restrictions and regulations.

    But then, idiocy doesn’t know right from wrong. And liberalism is a severe sick mental disease that thrives off the suffering of the others, more often it is the poor.

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