So, How Do You Get Conservatives To Buy “Green”?

Joe Romm’s highly partisan and George Soros funded Think Progress links to a study cited at The Atlantic

How Do You Get Conservatives to Buy Energy Efficient Products?

Why do conservatives, who should have a natural inclination toward conservation, have a beef with energy efficiency? It could be tied to the political polarization of the climate change debate.

A study out in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences examined attitudes about energy efficiency in liberals and conservatives, and found that promoting energy-efficient products and services on the basis of their environmental benefits actually turned conservatives off from picking them. The researchers first quizzed participants on how much they value various benefits of energy efficiency, including reducing carbon emissions, reducing foreign oil dependence, and reducing how much consumers pay for energy; cutting emissions appealed to conservatives the least.

The study then presented participants with a real-world choice: With a fixed amount of money in their wallet, respondents had to “buy” either an old-school light bulb or an efficient compact florescent bulb, the same kind Bachmann railed against. Both bulbs were labeled with basic hard data on their energy use, but without a translation of that into climate pros and cons. When the bulbs cost the same, and even when the CFL cost more, conservatives and liberals were equally likely to buy the efficient bulb. But slap a message on the CFL’s packaging that says “Protect the Environment,” and “we saw a significant drop-off in more politically moderates and conservatives choosing that option,” said study author Dena Gromet, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

First, when do they cost the same? CFLs are typically more expensive, and those that aren’t are complete pieces of garbage.

Second, the study, as well as The Atlantic and Think Progress articles, position this as hating on the environment. What they miss is that it’s not the environment that we have a problem with. It’s not saving energy. We are (for the most part) all for that. We like to save money. We like to protect the environment. I typically choose appliances that are energy and environmentally friendly. I just spent almost $4000 on a new A/C unit that will cut my power by third to a half in the warm months. I bought an energy efficient fridge a few years ago. I typically buy environmentally friendly products like car wash liquid. I don’t litter (can liberals say the same? Every liberal event seems to generate tons of litter). I don’t always recycle, I’m not perfect, but I try.

The problem is that many tune the message of “green” out and purchase non-green because it has become synonymous with ‘climate change’, a made up issue. The Warmists have managed to take real environmental issues and put them under the banner of “climate change”.

Oh, and really, most CFLs stink. I used to like them, but they are a pain, giving out different light by brand. They have mercury. And they suck. I do use them in a few places, but not for my main reading lights.

Double oh, the study shows that Liberals are brain dead sheep who will buy anything their cult leaders tell them to.

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3 Responses to “So, How Do You Get Conservatives To Buy “Green”?”

  1. Dana says:

    Perhaps it’s because conservatives tend to see all of these blurbs about things being good for the environment as almost always bovine feces. The CFL bulbs were supposed to be good because they used less electricity (true), and because they lasted for years and years (completely false. Then we find out that they contain mercury and require special disposal methods (even though I just toss mine in the regular garbage.) We wicked ol’ conservatives have figured out that if someone lies to us once, we really ought not to trust them a second time.

  2. Good points. So many of the supposedly green products are anything but. They just say they are.

  3. Balls_of_Gum says:

    Teach is getting his rant mode going. heh.
    That was going to be my point to Dana. When something costs 2x-4x as much, is toxic to your home, provide less direct benefit, has a random outcome based on thousands of variables (ie;style, maker, country, year, type, etc), and then does nothing at all to help the environment, ..
    … it was pushed down our throats by government FIAT to where our choice was now dictated…. that turns us off.

    And no you dufusi, Conservatism has nothing at all to do with conservationism. They are two completely different words with completely different meanings. Do you think “wall” and “walleye” are similar? How about “pencil” and “penicillin”? Bet you dimwits didn’t know that Liberal and Liberalism are two different things too?

    We buy regular bulbs because we know they work, they have a good light for each intended use, they are everywhere, they don’t take a warmup period, and you can fit lampshades over them. Also, sometimes we want that heat from a bulb. And no, changing out your lightbulbs for CFLs is not really going to change your energy usage that much.

    My last month e-bill was $120. I did not run my heater nor did I run my AC. Please tell me how a few bulbs can compare to the energy usage of your water heater? Your oven? Your fridge and\or freezer? Your computers? If you got kids, then all of their computers and gadgets too. Then fans and TVs, blow-dryers, washer and dryers, toasters and microwaves, popcorn poppers and deep fryers. how does a $6-$15 CFL going to save me money?

    Oh, but wait. There’s more. You can save EVEN MORE money if you spend $50-$75 for a 40-watt(eqvlnt) LED bulb. BAH!!!

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