Warmist Admits “Climate Change” Not About Climate

For quite some time now, those of us on the Climate Realist side have pointed out, among others, that the “climate change” movement seems to be focused mostly on pushing far left progressive doctrine. Here’s another Warmist, Cameron Fenton, a Canadian who’s the “National Director, Canadian Youth Climate Coalition”, who lets the cat out of the bag in a post that discusses getting schools to divest themselves from fossil fuels companies

 (HuffPo)  But that’s not the only reason we’re seeing the rise of one of the largest and fastest growing student-led environmental movements in decades.

At a recent convergence in Swathmore, Pensylvania student leaders declared,“Divestment is a tactic, justice is the goal.” In other words, while the main tactic of this movement appears to be an economic one, the goals of this movement go far deeper.

The far left has taken on the mantra of justice, and regardless of whatever pretty words they use, it is about instituting Progressivism (you can also call it Marxism, Socialism, etc), what Jonah Goldberg termed “Nice Fascism”.

Extreme weather, desertification, drought, deforestation, species loss, and the countless more climate disruptions these emissions are driving mean hunger, lack of water access, displacement and worsening impacts on people around the world. Typically, these are the people least responsible for historical climate emissions.

Typically, these are the people who could best reap the rewards from cheap, affordable power, which these 1st World youths are hell bent on denying the 3rd world people. It’s easy for these students to whine and agitate when they can walk over to the wall and flip a switch, to open the door to the fridge, to take a shower in hot water, to jump in the fossil fueled vehicle and head down to the coffee shop for a cupajoe and a croissant.

Divestment is just one tactic in the climate fight. But just like during the student-led campaign to divest from companies complicit in South African Apartheid, others have followed. Already two cities in the United States are reviewing divestment, Seattle and San Francisco, along with a number of public funds and faith institutions.

It’s a far, far road to get from apartheid to “climate justice”, which is a first world problem propagated by students who can spread awareness after a good meal with their high tech devices. Yet, few of them practice what they preach. If they want a carbon neutral life, they should go live somewhere with no power and back-breaking work. But, again, their point is to push fascism, not make the world safe from hotcoldwetdry.

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7 Responses to “Warmist Admits “Climate Change” Not About Climate”

  1. john says:

    Climate Skeptic, Koch-Funded Scientist Richard Muller Admits Global Warming Real & Humans the Cause

  2. john says:

    In thne USA 80% believe that climat is changing. That means about 50% of teh GOP now believes.

  3. And more deflections from John.

    It’s not a matter of belief that the climate is changing, John, it’s a matter of what causes the change. If you think it’s Mankind, then you should practice what you preach.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Not only that Teach, the guy in the article john cites is a physicist.

    If you remember, john has always argued that only climate scientists should determine the validity of the issue.

    Now that this physicist has a foundation run by his daughter and is looking for funds, the guy is a saint because he agrees with the hot/cold people.

    When he disagreed, he was labeled as morally corrupt and bought out by the Koch Brothers.

    Applying the same set of criteria to themselves as they demand of others is not the strong suit of liberals like john.

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  6. Smokey says:

    The Null Hypothesis is a corollary of the Scientific Method. The climate Null Hypothesis states that all current climate parameters, including temperature extremes, severe storms, and CO2 levels, have been routinely exceeded in the past. Therefore, nothing being observed now is either unusual, or unprecedented. It has all happened to a greater extent in the past — when CO2 levels were much lower.

    The climate Null Hypothesis has never been falsified. In fact, the past century and a half has seen the most mild temperature fluctuation of the entire Holocene [the past 11,700 years]. The real threat is another Ice Age, which would certainly cause starvation and death on a massive, worldwide scale.

    Global warming is entirely beneficial. It would open up millions of acres of new farm land in areas like Canada, Mongolia, Russia and Alaska. The increased warmth would bring about increased precipitation, which would water the new farm land. We will be very fortunate indeed if the planet warms.

    But there is no indication of any warming: global warming has stopped for the past decade and a half, despite the rise in the harmless, beneficial, tiny trace gas CO2. And global ice cover is well above its long-term average, despite the hand-wringing over the seasonal Arctic ice decline. In fact, NONE of the wild-eyed predictions of runaway global warming have happened. Proponents of the global warming scare have been 100% wrong, in every prediction they have made.

    The “carbon” scare is fueled by immense federal grants, which have totaled more than $100 BILLION since year 2000! The entire global warming scare has been scientifically falsified; the only thing that keeps it going is the massive transfer of taxpayer loot into the pockets of those promoting that baseless scare.

    Remember that when you look at your fast-rising utility bills. You are being scammed by a completely fake scare. It is scientific misconduct, and fraud on a massive scale. And people like john are its self-serving enablers.

  7. Gumball_Brains says:

    Exactamundo Smokey.

    This is green marxism. The intent to undo freedom, liberty, and free markets.

    Their intent is not JUST to distribute wealth to those who did not earn it.. it is mainly to REMOVE wealth from those who have it. And only they know those who are approved as being recipients.

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