Warmists Wonder If Global Warming Is Making European Winters Cold

How can you tell this is a cult? Because no matter what happens, globull warming is to blame

Is global warming causing harsher winters?

Millions of people in northern Europe are still battling snow and ice, wondering why they are being punished with bitter cold when—officially—spring has arrived and Earth is in the grip of global warming.

Yet some scientists, eyeing the fourth year in a row of exceptionally harsh late-winter weather in parts of Europe and North America, suggest warming is precisely the problem. In a complex tango between ocean and atmosphere, warming is causing icy polar air to be displaced southwards, they contend.

This is as stupid as some evangelists blaming Hurricane Katrina and other natural events on God because people are wicked in the areas affected. And just as scientific. Occam’s Razor would say that the most likely explanation would be….it’s getting cold! And that nature does what nature does. Warmists are desperately looking for, and creating, all sorts of fantastical hypotheses in order to continue propping up their dying religion. And boy, do they attempt to create a huge and detailed prognostication where warming because Someone Else drove an SUV is responsible for making it cold and snowy.

But what of Eastern Europe and into the former Soviet republics? They’ve been experiencing the same very cold and snowy winters. And the same in many parts of the Southern Hemisphere, where the Antarctic is now melting. How about Alaska, which has cooled by 2.4F over the past 10 years, and would not be subject to the same forces as Europe? The simplest explanation? Cooling. But that explanation doesn’t bring the government grant money.

BTW, even if the feedback from warming in the Arctic is causing cold Northern European winters, it still wouldn’t prove anthropogenic causation.

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5 Responses to “Warmists Wonder If Global Warming Is Making European Winters Cold”

  1. Dana says:

    I don’t think that you appreciate the true elegance of the global warming theory. It’s structured so that if it’s too hot, it proves the theory, it’s too cold, it proves the theory, it’s too wet, it proves the theory, it’s too dry, it proves the theory, and if things are just average, it still proves the theory.

    How can you beat that?

  2. You really can blame everything on AGW, er, climate change. When the next glacial period arrives, they’ll probably say it was caused by CO2, and would be worse without the CO2.

  3. john says:

    Teach the US Navy says they believe in AGW. Are these part of your group of “warmists” ? People have known for 150 years that what happens when infrared energy (the kind emitted by the Earth after it is wqarmed by sunlight passes through C)2. Infrared wave lengths react differently to C)02 than ultraviolet.

  4. Good grief, John, you’re really stuck on this, aren’t you?

    Well, listen, if you believe those few people in the Navy who say AGW is real, then why aren’t you living a completely carbon neutral lifestyle?

  5. Dana says:

    John, when you say, “the US Navy says they believe in AGW,” what you are actually saying is “the civilian political leadership, under the instruction of the Commander-in-Chief, believe in global warming.” If the next President doesn’t accept the idiotic notion that we have to return to the Stone Age to Save Gaia, then the U S Navy won’t believe in AGW.

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