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Grist: What Should The Climate Movement Do Next?

I’ve got a few things in mind, one of which is STFU and GFYS, you silly wanker hypocrites (Grist) But whether you like the campaign or not, it’s too late for second-guessing at this point. The fight is underway; it’s already freighted with symbolism. Within the next few months, the Keystone decision will be made, […]

If All You See…

…is an awesome Gaia friendly bicycle in an obvious drought world, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Right Newz, with some more news on Bob Mendendez’s underage hooker scandal.

Math Is Really Hard For Warmists

2+2=5.34649479 (SFGate) The poll found that 64 percent of Californians believe global warming is happening and something should be done to fight it, with more than half of the respondents, 37 percent, deeming it a serious problem worthy of immediate action.

Guns Banned In Phillipines Ahead Of May Elections, Criminals Didn’t Receive The Memo

Still less violence than in the Liberal Mecca of Chicago (GMA News) A man running for councilor in the upcoming elections in May was shot dead by motorcycle-riding gunmen Sunday evening in San Fernando City in La Union. Danilo Nisperos Sr., 59, died while receiving medical treatment at Bethany Hospital in San Fernando City, said […]

White House Release Super Duper Dire We’re Doomed List Of State By State Sequestration Results

Leading by fear-mongering (The Blaze) On Sunday, the White House continued its effort to prevent the $85 billion in automatic spending cuts known as “sequestration” from starting this Friday, releasing a dramatic state-by-state list of how they claim each state will be impacted if Congress fails to act. It’s worth remembering that the “cut” is […]

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