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Whatcha Reading?

I experience this typically one to two times a week. Yes, that does mean I read that many books a year. Mostly science fiction, some fantasy (no frigging sparkly vampires!), a bit of mystery/thriller, and good zombie books as much as I can get them. Though, the one I just finished by Lisa Olsen, Angel […]

If All You See…

…is snow which only happens because a fossil fueled helicopter is making the climate warm, you might just be a Climate Astrologer The blog of the day is The Lonely Conservative, with the full text of Marco Rubio’s SOTU response.

Schoolkids Won’t Know What Working School Buses Look Like

In the rush to save the planet from overheating, no one thought about how all those planet boiling GHGs would cause cold (Northern Life) It would seem today’s modern fleet of school buses hasn’t been built for Northern Ontario weather. According to the Sudbury Student Services Consortium, there is a problem with vehicles manufactured after […]

Ted Nugent Responds On Gun Control

Unfortunately, the Nuge was on his best behavior, and only provided some rare meat (Buzzfeed) But when it came to gun control proposals, he didn’t mince words. “Its more nonsense. Nothing he proposes or nothing he’s been proposed would have stopped any of the shootings. None of those shooters are gonna register anything,” Nugent said […]

Obama Pushes Hotcoldwetdry Legislation In SOTU, Flatlines Amongst Republicans And Independents

He puts a thrill up Al Gore’s leg, and all the climastrologers who are mostly interested in bigger government taking more money from Other People while enforcing more Big Government control of people and the private sector (Politico) After years of talking about it, we are finally poised to control our own energy future.  We […]

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