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People Affected By Superstorm Sandy Want Hotcoldwetdry Action From Obama

It was a HUUUUUUGE demonstration (via Tom Nelson) (HuffPo) Hurricane Sandy survivors and environmental advocates met in front of the White House on Monday to demand action from President Barack Obama on climate change ahead of his State of the Union address. “We’re here to deliver over 280,000 signatures to President Obama asking for climate […]

NY Times: It’s Not Easy (Or Cheap) Being Green

Yeah, now they tell us (Fish Wrap) GREEN jobs have long had a whiff of exaggeration to them. The alternative-energy sector may ultimately employ millions of people. But raising the cost of the energy that households and businesses use every day — a necessary effect of helping the climate — is not exactly a recipe […]

If All You See…

…is a planet killing plastic water bottle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Jihad Watch, with new information on who CAIR associates with.

NY Times Really Concerned About Newest “Die Hard” Movie And Link To Gun Violence

Here’s Joe Nocera writing an op-ed for the NY Tomes, The ‘Die Hard’ Quandry, in which he’s really, really concerned Later this week, the fifth installment of the “Die Hard” movies is scheduled to open in theaters across the country. “A Good Day to Die Hard” stars, once again, Bruce Willis as John McClane, a […]

Five Things To Watch For During Obama’s 2013 Neverending Campaign SOTU

Tonight’s the night Obama will bring forth yet another State Of The Union speech where the state of the union still stinks. Will he still Blame Bush and everyone else for his failures? Time will tell, and The Politico offers 5 things to watch for 1. Soft, strident or somewhere in between? Obama irritated Republicans […]

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