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Gun Control Groups Want To Fundraise On Backs Of Victims

Never let a good crisis go to waste (CNN) Now more than ever, we need to provide support for the advocacy organizations that are working to establish a formidable counterweight to the gun lobby, which is well financed, well organized and will stop at nothing to protect the interests of the firearms industry and obstruct […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled truck which caused a drought world, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Q&O, with a post on the anti-science of gun bans.

Warmist Mike Rivage-Seul: Hey, That Stranded Cruise Ship Reminds Me Of Climate Change

Yeah, starting out that way. First Rivage-Seul discusses all sorts of societal breakdowns during the 20th Century, then (via Tom Nelson) (Kentucky.com) I was reminded of Lambert’s essay last week as I watched unfold the plight of the more than 4,000 passengers on the cruise ship, ironically named Triumph, and floundering precisely at the time […]

Climate Astrology: Global Warming Means More Blizzards

The Associated Press’ biggest globull warming cheerleader, Seth Borenstein, is back with more climastrology (WRAL) With scant snowfall and barren ski slopes in parts of the Midwest and Northeast the past couple of years, some scientists have pointed to global warming as the culprit. Then, when a whopper of a blizzard smacked the Northeast with […]

Newtown Shooter Picked School As It Was The “Easiest Target”

Who would have thought an area in which no one was left with the ability to defend themselves and others, known as a “gun free zone”, would make an easy target? (CBS News) Law enforcement sources say Adam Lanza was motivated by violent video games and a strong desire to kill more people than another […]

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