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Know Who’d Be A Warmist? Jesus

According to the lunatics at Think Progress (via Tom Nelson) My vision of Jesus and the life he would lead today is quite the opposite of today’s masters of the universe. In fact, Jesus would probably champion low carbon living. Clearly this is not the focus of fundamental Christians today perhaps because it would require […]

If All You See…

…is an evil beer can spewing CO2 into the atmosphere, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Other McCain, with a post on Dana Loesch suing Breitbart.com

Surprise! Warmist David Roberts Ties Hotcoldwetdry To Newtown

I actually read this article at Grist by David Roberts the other day (I read most stuff at Grist, one of my favorite websites), but never made it down to the end. Fortunately, Steve Milloy did, and notes the Warmist aspect Newtown: Tragedy, empathy, and growing our circle of concern Can you guess what “growing […]

Crazy And Hypocritical Warmist Set To Become Secretary Of State

In case you haven’t heard (AP) President Barack Obama on Friday nominated Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, one of Washington’s most respected voices on foreign policy, as his next secretary of state. Obama even mentioned Kerry’s service in Vietnam, but it was strange that he failed to mention Kerry coming home and slurring the men and […]

Mayor Of City With Horrendous Murder Rate And Strict Gun Laws Calls For More Gun Laws

If there was a media that was interested in exposing facts instead of pushing a political position, someone might actually ask Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel “how’s that current gun ban working?” (WGNtv) Gun violence is a daily occurence for mayors across the Chicago area and the state of Illinois, and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is leading […]

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