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Hamas Leader Calls For 3rd Intifada

Just remember that, according to liberals, Israel is the problem and the terrorist (Jerusalem Post) A senior Hamas leader called on Tuesday for a third intifada and the resumption of suicide bombings against Israel. The demand came in response to the government’s recent decision to approve the construction of hundreds of housing units in east […]

If All You See…

…is evil CO2 infused beer, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Director Blue, with a post on a Merry EBT Christmas.

To Keep The Planet From Boiling, Let’s Engineer Our Babies

Warmist Zoe Cormier is rather upset that COP18 was a miserable failure and that No One Else is Doing Something about Hotcoldwetdry, so offers 3 solutions. The first two are storing “carbon” underground and engineering the planet. Then we get No planetary scheme could be quite as entertaining as the idea that we could simply […]

Oops: David Gregory Probed By Police Over Illegal Magazine

Not the really weird p0rn type of magazine, for those with their minds in the gutter (Politico) The Washington Metropolitan Police Department is investigating whether any city laws were violated when NBC’s David Gregory displayed what appeared to be a 30-round gun magazine on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, a spokesman confirmed to POLITICO. […]

Holiday Sales Stink, Guess Whose Policies Aren’t To Blame

The AP/Politico just can’t find it in themselves to put any blame on the policies of Obama and Democrats (Politico) U.S. holiday retail sales this year grew at the weakest pace since 2008, when the nation was in a deep recession. In 2012, the shopping season was disrupted by bad weather and consumers’ rising uncertainty […]

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