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Saturday Night Awesome

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If All You See…

…is a horrible fossil fueled machine that No One Else should be allowed to own, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Rhymes With Right, with thoughts on the Newtown shooting.

Surprise! 40% Of Democrats Own Guns

If Democrats really want to go down this road, perhaps they should practice what they preach. In 2011, Gallup did a survey of self-reported gun ownership in the U.S. What did they find? Forty-seven percent of American adults currently report that they have a gun in their home or elsewhere on their property. This is […]

Warmists Really Excited Over New Global Warming Poll

Notice that I did not term global warming as “hotcoldwetdry” as usual. There’s a reason for that, which I’ll get to after the story, reported breathlessly at the Washington Post (a Warmist emailed me about this story yesterday, wondering why I hadn’t commented on it. That was due to seeing it soon before heading to […]

Carolyn McCarthy Tells Obama “Gloves Will Come Off” If He Fails To Act On Gun Control

Barely minutes had passed after the tragic mass murder occurred in a Connecticut school before Democrats around the country immediately jumped to proclaiming that gun control is needed now. Other than banning all “assault weapons” they’re a little short on details. What should be banned and/or controlled? Which guns? From which people? And here’s a […]

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