Surprise! 40% Of Democrats Own Guns

If Democrats really want to go down this road, perhaps they should practice what they preach. In 2011, Gallup did a survey of self-reported gun ownership in the U.S. What did they find?

Forty-seven percent of American adults currently report that they have a gun in their home or elsewhere on their property. This is up from 41% a year ago and is the highest Gallup has recorded since 1993, albeit marginally above the 44% and 45% highs seen during that period

Republicans (including independents who lean Republican) are more likely than Democrats (including Democratic leaners) to say they have a gun in their household: 55% to 40%. While sizable, this partisan gap is narrower than that seen in recent years, as Democrats’ self-reported gun ownership spiked to 40% this year.

Of those 40% of Democrats who report a gun in the house, 28% say it is their own gun.

So, I reiterate: if Democrats want gun control, they need to give up their own guns. They need to disarm themselves….what’s that? You Dems say you often have guns for home protection, particularly in cities in which your own policies have made you less safe? And you’re a law abiding citizen? Not a threat to go batshit insane? Nope, sorry, doesn’t matter. Give them up.

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8 Responses to “Surprise! 40% Of Democrats Own Guns”

  1. Kate says:

    Gonna share this on our VG blog Facebook page!

  2. FSM_47 says:

    Since you can assume most of the guns used by urban gang bangers in Places like Chicago, New York, Cleveland, Detroit, Los Angeles are ILLEGAL guns, Why aren’t the pontificating mayors like Rahm and Bloomberg confiscating them.

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  4. They just want to disarm law abiding citizens. Criminals are tougher

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  7. E says:

    I live in Vermont. I’m a Democrat. I own guns. I’m one of the founders of the RKBA group on Daily Kos. I’m not looking to take your guns or anyone else’s. However, I might be interested in BUYING a couple if you have them to sell…I’d like something physically larger than my PT140, but still in .40…my first choice would be a SIG P226. They make them in .40 but I haven’t run across one yet.
    don’t assume every Democrat – or any – who owns guns wants gun control, some kind of “yes for me but not for thee” bullshit. I’m not Dianne Feinstein.

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