Newt: Sitting On Couch With Nancy Was “Dumbest Thing….”

Unfortunately, he doesn’t walk back his globull warming beliefs, and, more importantly, his belief in legislation and regulation to “stop” globull warming

(Huffington Post) Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was pressed again Tuesday on one of the ghosts of his political past, when a notorious advertisement on climate change featuring him alongside then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was brought up on the campaign trail.

“The dumbest thing I’ve done in the last four years was sit on a couch with Nancy Pelosi,” Gingrich said, according to The Hill‘s Mike O’Brien. “I can’t defend it.”

In the ad, Gingrich and Pelosi share a seat on a sofa in front of the Capitol and declare that “the country must take action to address climate change.”

While Newt is (supposedly) against any sort of federal cap and trade system, he has yet to say, like Romney has, that he would nix any “climate change” legislation and regulations as president. Some people may not care too much about this, but, to my mind, the entire issue of “climate change” is about putting even more power and forcibly taken taxpayer money in the hands of government elites, giving them more control over our lives and the economy. None of the plans actually solve what the Warmists say is killing the Earth, merely supposedly slowing it.

This is a question Newt needs to answer.

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4 Responses to “Newt: Sitting On Couch With Nancy Was “Dumbest Thing….””

  1. Word says:

    If Newt gets the nomination I will support him. He is not my first choice but he is definitely not a progressive, communist or Libertarian.

    In 2008 the first thing I did the day after the election was begin the blog circuit cautioning the Right that they were in danger of being overwhelmed by the libertarian movement within the GOP party.

    AKA…the tea party……

    And while many of us on the right who are JUST AS CONSERVATIVE AS ANY LIBERTARIAN claims to be……we are not anti goverment….we just want the government reigned in and we want this stuff paid for….

    I continue to caution that a VAST majority of the American people(What is it? Nearly 70 percent) do not support the tea party and what its goals are and what it wants to do.

    We need government…..we just need smaller government….less regulation…..more capitalism…….

    This is why George W. Bush and the Neo Cons were so popular for a while…they offered bigger government along with conservative values…….

    America does not endorse the tea party and we on the right need to realize that America wants a return to smaller government……NOT RAPED, PILLAGED, and PLUNDERED government.

    We on the right need to find that happy sweet spot that will bring on board classical liberals alienated from the Democratic party…..libertarians…..and Conservatives, Moderates and independents and leave the Democrats with their progressive communists wanting more and more and more.

    We have to…….

    Or not…..

    But right now America is just as afraid of what the right is pushing as what the left is peddling……

    remember that as we are 3 years removed from a severe trouncing at the polls ourselves.

  2. Stogie says:

    Word, you sound very much like a “concern troll” to me: a Democrat pretending to be a Republican who wants Republicans to be more like Democrats.

    I ain’t buying what you’re selling.

  3. Adobe Walls says:

    While many in the Tea Party are libertarians I would dispute that the Tea Party is mostly libertarian.

  4. Word says:

    Troll I am not.

    I have been posting here for quite some time and my past posts speak for themselves.

    The tea party is mostly libertarians.

    Like it or not….the libertarians rose up and gobbled up the tea party before it could even gain traction.

    Libertarianism is growing and those on the right if not vigilant will find themselves like the classical liberals of the kennedy era……….gone and replaced by progressivism.

    True story.

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