Oh Noes! Globull Warming Might Stop Christmas Kisses!

The Warmists just cannot help themselves, including ones like Mother Nature News’ Starre Varten who is an “eco-fashionista” and a “world traveler”…. wait, isn’t traveling bad for AGW?

(MNN) 2011 was a rough year, with all kinds of challenges, both political and economic (not to mention natural-disaster related). So it comes as no weary surprise that climate change is having some unpredicted effects, one of which is a dearth of mistletoe for holiday partygoers to kiss underneath.

Due to extremely dry weather in Texas this past year, where most of the country’s mistletoe comes from, it’s just pretty much not available at all. According to the New York Times, about 70 percent of the harvest was “compromised” this year. And what is out there has been so low-quality that many people are turning to plastic versions, which, when hung up in a doorway or other spot passersby can’t miss, can be hard to tell from the real thing.

What do droughts in Texas have to do with climate change?

Well, they allow Warmists to blame every f*cking weather event, ones which have happened for billions of years, to be blamed on someone taking flights around the world, so that far left Statists can call for government to regulate Someone Else’s life and tax the hell out of them.

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2 Responses to “Oh Noes! Globull Warming Might Stop Christmas Kisses!”

  1. Stogie says:

    These AGW fools ought to just give it up. The argument is over…and they lost.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    The thing I found interesting in the NYT article is that one way to harvest mistletoe is by using a gun to shoot it out of the tree,

    Clearly, this mistletoe gives those on the left lots of fodder:

    1) Mistletoe is parasitic plant. Mistletoe is therefore the same as the 1 percent who live off the work and sweat of the other 99%.

    2) The shortage of mistletoe is indicative of global warming.

    3) Mistletoe requires the use of a weapon to harvest it, obviously highlighting the need for gun control.

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