Enviroweenies At Grist Want Women Back In The Kitchen

Hey, that’s my take-away from the view on the front page (actual story here)

Imagine had a Conservative posted this-they’d be accused of sexism and wanting to push women’s liberation back to the 1700’s. Heck, they even mention grandma in the kitchen cooking. But, hey, women have to get back in the kitchen to make a sammitch if we’re going to stop global warming climate change extreme weather.

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4 Responses to “Enviroweenies At Grist Want Women Back In The Kitchen”

  1. Alice Cheshire says:

    I really did not see where the article wanted to create barefoot, pregnant women slaving away in a kitchen. Granted, cooking for the good of the planet is rediculous, but cooking itself certainly is not. It doesn’t have to be time consuming and it is cheaper than eating out. I don’t understand why you would find this offensive to women (and men–they can cook too). Insulting to our intelligence that somehow cooking at home can save the planet, yes, but not insulting to women.

  2. Two points: a conservative would be reamed if they posted something like Grist did.

    Second, we see lots if sexism from the Warmists, so, this might be a bit of “inside baseball.”

  3. gitarcarver says:

    I can see where you are coming from. If they had an image of a couple cooking together in the kitchen, the impact would be different. As it is, from first glance it appears that a woman should be cooking.

    That being said, “sustainable” farm practices use more energy to harvest because the crop yield per acre is always lower than other methods. So while it is great to think you are helping the planet, using more fuel burned for less harvest is actually hurting it by environmental standards.

  4. Alice Cheshire says:

    I have no way of knowing if a conservative would have been reamed, so I can’t really answer that comment. I really have not seen Warmist behaving in a sexist manner. It really seems they hate all people, including themselves and would like to rid the planet of the parasite called “humans”. And I fully agree “sustainable” farm practices, as presented by warmists, take more energy, more land, etc. However, I would note all farming seems sustainable as most of the hunger in the world is due to governments and politics, not the lack of ability to grow food. Sustainable is a stupid term the warmists use and a bunch of product advertisers, whom I try not to buy from.

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