Whiny Attorney General Unhappy With Daily Caller For Publishing Fast And Furious Stories

It’s kinda strange that the Attorney General of the United States doesn’t understand the 1st Amendment, but, then, Democrats tend to pick and choose what parts of the Constitution they like, and what they will abide by

(Daily Caller) Embattled Attorney General Eric Holder today demanded The Daily Caller stop publishing articles about the growing calls in Congress for his resignation because of the failed Operation Fast and Furious gun-walking program.

As Holder’s aide was escorting the attorney general offstage following his remarks Tuesday afternoon at the White House, a Daily Caller reporter introduced himself and shook Holder’s hand. The reporter asked him for a response to the growing chorus of federal legislators demanding his resignation.

Holder stepped towards the exit, then turned around, stepped back toward the reporter, and sternly said, “You guys need to — you need to stop this. It’s not an organic thing that’s just happening. You guys are behind it.”

Holder then walked offstage without answering TheDC’s request for comment about calls for his resignation.

So, Holder thinks that the DC is behind so many people calling for his own resignation? Sheesh, it’s not like some 300 people, including Border Patrol agent Brian Terry were killed by the guns that the ATF, a department of Holder’s DOJ, let walk into Mexico, without alerting the government of Mexico, and without tracking the guns at all….oh, that did happen? Hmph. Strange. If Holder was a Republican, the Democrats would call for a criminal investigation and prosecution.

Currently 52 members of Congress, three presidential candidates and two sitting Governors have called for Holder’s immediate resignation. Many of those lawmakers and political figures have issued statements exclusively to The Daily Caller in which they have called for Holder to step down. This is chiefly because TheDC is the most prominent mainstream media outlet covering this burgeoning international scandal.

It’s because the DC is one of the only media outlets bothering to cover and investigate Fast and Furious/Operation Gunrunner. Most liberal media outlets will, at best, simply report the basics. But, the big boys, NY Times, Washington Post, ABC News, MSNBC, etc, do not investigate, which was the point of giving the press a specific mention in the 1st Amendment, to be able to investigate, ask questions, and publish information regarding the government without fear of reprisal.

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2 Responses to “Whiny Attorney General Unhappy With Daily Caller For Publishing Fast And Furious Stories”

  1. Adobe Walls says:

    Institutionalization will definitely be required or how do we subvert a preemptive presidential pardon?

  2. Trish says:

    Hey Steadman, STFU, will ya. You are an incompetent boob and if it weren’t for Oprah, no one would recognize you. How about you step down, and on your way out release the documents that prove that you are a worthless POS responsible for the death of at least one border patrol agent, and possibly countless other innocent people. And by the way, don’t try to put the blame for your bad press ON the media- they wouldn’t know how to report the truth any more, if it hit them in the face.

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