Man Shot, Killed Near Occupy Oakland

Just like during the Tea Party rallies….no? Funny, the media tended to call the Tea Party violent because people were bringing guns, in complete obeyence of the law, to the rallies. Yet, no one was shot during the rallies. We also didn’t have people pooping on cop cars, either

(SF Chronicle) A young man was fatally shot Thursday evening just yards from the Occupy Oakland encampment outside City Hall. And before the ambulance had even pulled away, people were debating whether the killing was somehow linked to the month-old gathering.

The man, whom several Occupy campers said they did not recognize, was shot in the head at about 5 p.m. outside a BART station exit in Frank Ogawa Plaza, at 14th Street and Broadway. He was taken to Highland Hospital in Oakland, where he was pronounced dead, said interim Police Chief Howard Jordan.

Was he part of the Occupy movement? Well

The shooting happened in a busy section of downtown Oakland adjacent to the Occupy an encampment where drug use is prevalent, and where devoted protesters have increasingly struggled to control fights and robberies and deal with mentally ill homeless people.

Like minded people come together

But in the plaza amphitheatre, dozens of people gathered after the shooting out of concern that it would be cited as another reason to tear down the camp. One speaker, whose words were then repeated and amplified by the group, said, “I live in Oakland, and this is a daily occurrence.”

Perhaps it’s a “daily occurrence” because Liberal World doesn’t go for getting tough on criminals and criminality. Ever notice that the places with the worst crime tend to be Liberal run areas?

Critics of the encampment soon said the question of whether the dead man or the killers were protesters was irrelevant.

“This camp is attracting an element that’s adding to the problem that already exists,” said City Council President Larry Reid, one of five council members who held a news conference Wednesday calling for the camp’s removal.

This was not the first death, and, unfortunately, will not be the last, all for a nebulous protest against something or other that misses the mark. If they really wanted to make a difference, they’d protest the elected officials, both Democrat and Republican, who enable the conditions, and do it in Washington and at the politicians hometown offices. Alas, they don’t. They have this big problem with banks, corporations, and Wall Street, yet, they will surely all vote Obama 2012, despite him being a huge recipient of money from those same banks, big corporations, and Wall Street.

If they ever realized who and what are the real problems, they’d have a truly bipartisan protest, as, I bet, lots of Conservatives would join in. But, they want more spending (on themselves), bigger government, more intrusive government, and more taxation (on That Guy). If it happens, they’d bitch because government is all up in their business.

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8 Responses to “Man Shot, Killed Near Occupy Oakland”

  1. Trish says:

    I think this is perhaps the 5th death at an occupy site. It seems that “occupying” is hazardous to your health. So, even though it may take a while, eventually they will all be gone. Thank God.

  2. We should have a mandate that all liberals must use birth control at all times across the world. That would end this insanity movement within a few years.

  3. Trish says:

    Good plan Teach. Wait, didn’t dems have a sterilization project back in the day? Perhaps they will reinstitute it for the OWSers…it would make the Gaia and climate change crowd ecstatic!!!

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  5. Trish says:

    Another one bites the dust…this one at Occupy Salt Lake City. 2 in as many days?
    Hey, this may not take as long as I’d feared!

  6. really? says:

    Just because someone was murdered near the occupation, does not mean the occupation had anything to do with it. There was a shooting a 7-11 a few months back. I don’t think anyone is blaming 7-11. Your logic is strange.

  7. Adobe Walls says:

    NYT reports that in the New Orleans encampment a 53 year old man was found dead in a tent. No sign of foul play but he had been dead for two days. Apparently they were waiting for him to complete the transition and move to the Zombie section of the encampment.

    In NYC there is something going around the Donner Partiers call Zuccotti lung and in Atlanta there is a tuberculosis out break including the super strain.

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