Is Globull Warming Making Birds Smaller…Wait, Bigger?

One of the memes of the climate change hoax is that it is making birds (fish, animals, frogs, etc) smaller. We’ve seen these stories time and time again, such as at the BBC. But, just like AGW makes it hot/cold wet/dry flood/drought snow/not snow and so on, it apparently makes birds smaller/bigger

Birds in central California are significantly larger than they were 25 to 40 years ago, and researchers believe it may be because they are bulking up in body weight to ride out severe storms related to global climate change.

I don’t blame them. When it gets colder, storms tend to get worse. Also, it’s colder, and the birds need more body mass.

Over the last 25 years, a robin, for example, has increased about an eighth of an inch in wing length and about 0.2 ounces in mass, according to a paper published online in Global Change Biology.

The findings fly in the face of assumptions based on an ecological benchmark known as Bergmann’s rule: Birds and mammals tend to be larger at higher latitudes, perhaps to conserve body heat. Under this reasoning, birds and mammals would get smaller as they adapted to rising global temperatures.

Overall, birds in central California have grown an average of 2% to 5%  in body weight and wingspan, said Rae Goodman, who discovered the trend while working as a graduate student at San Francisco State University, analyzing data from thousands of birds caught and released each year near San Francisco Bay and the Point Reyes National Seashore.

So, they get bigger when it gets cooler? Has anyone considered that it has….gotten cooler? Oh, I forgot, greenhouse gases are now supposed to make things cooler, too. My Bad!

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