65 Climate Weenies Arrested Near White House

That whole anti-tar sands pipeline protest, where only 1 actual climate scientist has signed up to show up for? Yup, arrests started early

Dozens of environmentalist protesters have been arrested outside the White House on the first day of a planned two-week protest over a proposed oil pipeline from Canada to the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Park Police spokesman David Schlosser tells WJLA-TV that 65 people were arrested Saturday. The protest is scheduled to run through Sept. 3.

They aren’t environmental protesters: if they were concerned about damaging the actual environment, I might have some sympathy. No, they are worried about the release of carbon dioxide only. Hey, how’d they get to the White House? And, they are forcing the police to output more CO2 when arresting and transporting them.

BTW, Obama’s not even paying attention, alarmists. He’s on vacation.

Pre-posting update: I never did get around to posting this earlier in the day, and, it appears as if around 46 more unhinged climate protesters have been arrested today, including

By noon today, police began arresting more demonstrators, including 68-year-old Patricia Warwick of Toronto.

Say, how’d she get to D.C. from Toronto? I’m betting some sort of fossil fueled travel. Which she’s protesting against.

Oh, and most of  those arrested Saturday get to hang in the pokey till Monday. I bet THAT wasn’t in the pre-protest briefing.

Don Surber has more (#6)

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  1. proof says:

    Clean up the environment! Arrest a smelly hippie!

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