Could Hurricane Irene Be First To Hit US Since 2008?

You just knew that a hurricane would hit the US at some point. The last one to hit was Hurricane Ike on September 13, 2008, well over 1000 days ago, the longest streak since the Civil War. Irene is projected to hit the southeastern tip of Florida on August 26th.

Steven Goddard makes an interesting point

It has been more than 35 months since a hurricane struck the US, the longest period since before the Civil War. Rest assured, when one does hit, Romm will tell us that it is proof of global warming.

First the warmists told us AGW would make hurricanes more prevalent. Then the hurricane numbers started dropping after the 2005 season. So they said that hurricanes would be not as numerous but would be stronger. That hasn’t worked out, either. So, will the alarmists now blame the lack of hurricanes on …..globull warming?

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