Good News! Rick Perry Is A Big Time Climate Realist

Obviously, this annoys the Alarmists, in particularly Grist’s resident GINK (green inclinations, no kids…if only all alarmists were ginks, we’d be done with them and their stupid movement), who whines over at the UK Guardian

The climate sceptics can finally get excited about the 2012 election: Rick Perry, their candidate of choice, is about to officially throw his hat in the ring.

Perry calls global warming “all one contrived phony mess that is falling apart under its own weight.” Unlike many of the other GOP presidential candidates, he hasn’t expressed concern about climate change in the past, so he won’t have to do any back-pedaling. Notorious climate denier Marc Morano is a big fan: “Based on climate views alone, anyone who is holding their nose voting for Mitt Romney because there’s no other viable candidate will now rejoice to have an option with Rick Perry.”

Like so many running, Perry has some issues, at least from my point of view: while he’s a pretty darned good fiscal conservative, he’s also a big social conservative. Michele Bachmann is the same, but, doesn’t push her own social conservatism on others. But, Perry would make a better president than Romney (who’s still damned better than Obama). And that Perry has pretty much always taken the stance that anthropogenic global warming is a load of mule fritters is a definite plus for him.

And, yeah, obviously, Perry announced today.

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5 Responses to “Good News! Rick Perry Is A Big Time Climate Realist”

  1. Give me a break, if Perry was still Al Gore’s TX Campaign manager, he’d be telling you how global warming will kill us all. This guy has been all over the place politically for his entire life with no explanations. I really wish he’d stop selling the TX infrastructure off to foreign companies. The man has not raised taxes per se, but has dramatically raised state fees and tolls. The Tea Party candidate who ran against him last time got 20% of the vote with no money. In short, a large chunk of Texans hate his guts. He trades his signature for money in executive ordering vaccinations in exchange for Pharma money. It will only be a matter of time before all of this and much more comes out about him.

  2. Yeah, I know. But, at least he is attempting to walk the right side line. I really don’t trust him all that much, and, I still think Romney will beat him. I love Bachmann, I just don’t think she can take it for the nomination. Romney would be smart to pick her as VP.

    Romney brings his own baggage, and GOP squishiness, but, at least he is mostly honest about where he stands.

  3. gitarcarver says:

    The only great candidate is the one the you see in the mirror. 🙂

    By that I mean that in most cases, people aren’t going to find a candidate that agrees with every single thing that we as individuals agree with. We don’t agree with our spouses, parents or kids all the time, so why should we expect to agree with candidates on everything?

    Ultimately, people will have to pick a candidate to vote for because of where they and the candidate agree. People have to prioritize what is important to them and go from there.

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  5. kramer says:

    I beg to differ regarding Perry. First of all, he worked in Al Gore’s campaign in Texas in 1988. What kind of democrat would switch to a republican.

    Second, he backed mandatory inoculations for young girls in Texas. This is something an authoritarian control-freak democrat would do. It falls under regulation.

    Third, he has suggested (or floated the idea) that our military should go into Mexico and help that country out. This is something only an ‘internationalist’ democrat would love, not an isolationist republican.

    Fourth, he was talking about Texas succeeding from the union not too long ago. Do you know what this is? IMO, it’s the sign of a democrat posing as a republican to make regular people think he’s a real right winger, just like he did last week at that religious gathering he attended.

    And make no mistake, the MSM is going to try and help him be the pick for the RNC by reporting how he is such a right winger for attending or suggesting these things that the MSM thinks falls under the category of right wing. If he gets the RNC slot, then the people really running things can’t lost because both Obama and Perry (IMO) will be in the back pocket of this special interest group.

    I DO NOT think for a minute that he is a true blue conservative and his actions suggest this to me. Be skeptical of him being a republican.

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