We’re Doomed: Now Globull Warming Will Cause…Invasive Graaaaassssssss!

Well, OK, I guess, because during a cool period, fauna has a much tougher time growing. But, hey, everyone (else) needs to pay a carbon tax to stop this dire, dire threat!

SUMMIT COUNTY — The warmer and drier conditions predicted across the West by most climate change models will help invasive grasses replace native vegetation. The exotics are better equipped to deal with warmer weather. Some of them harbor animals that attack endangered species, while others make lands more susceptible to wildfires.

I find it interesting, and humorous, that the “climate change” issue turns liberals, who always tell us they are such intellectuals, into Flat Earthers who suddenly have no concept of Darwinism, survival of the fittest, and think that the Earth is static.

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5 Responses to “We’re Doomed: Now Globull Warming Will Cause…Invasive Graaaaassssssss!”

  1. Bob Berwyn says:

    Hi, and thanks for linking to my story. Couple of thoughts, not that you’ll care – your mind seems to be made up. There’s a difference between the pace of evolutionary change and adaptation and change that happens so fast that many species don’t have time to adapt and evolve – maybe only fruit flies and other critters that reproduce on a very short cycle. No question that the Earth is always dynamic and changing, the question might be, how fast? In any case, it’s good research like this California project that may give us some answers.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    The problem, Bob, is that the paper is not notable once it gets past the point of “these are the traits of the grass.”

    After that, the paper launches into speculation.

    Unless the paper has some hard data as to actual areas being overrun, the paper stops being “scientific” the moment is says “this may happen.”

    “This may happen” is not scientific. Period.

  3. Baron of Gray Matter says:

    Rain makes the grass grow. The Phillies magic number is 44.

  4. Bob, it looks like your mind is made up, too. But, for the record, it wasn’t so much your article I was taking umbrage with, but, the study you cited (unfortunately, when I posted with my Android, I apparently cut the study paragraph out). I will not disagree that the world has warmed since the mid-1800’s, nor will I dispute that there has been some acceleration of warming in some areas. But, there has also been cooling or flat-lined temps in many places, which shoots the notion of global warming right out of the water.

    While I am not a big proponent of Darwinian evolution (for the record, I’m not bought into Intelligent Design nor Creationism, either), evolution does happen, as does the spread of species. Sometimes, this is because of Mankind, sometimes, just nature. How do species end up on remote, desolate islands?

    But, then they, and you, had to add in “climate change”, which is a disingenuous way to attempt to cover all the bases for everything that happens and blame Mankind. Consider the potatoe: it’s not native to anywhere in the world other than a part of South America. Yet, Mankind imported it and spread it around the world. Invasive species. Again, this happens. The world can be changed by Man and nature. It’s not always bad. Sometimes it is. But, there is no need to include a failed cult like belief into the issue, which, as the long time readers know, is one of the main reasons I stopped being a Believer and became a Climate Realist. I really despise hiding actual environmental issues under the banner of anthropogenic global warming. The others are that the leaders rarely tend to practice what they preach, and, in fact, are the worst “offenders.” Nor do the followers. And, some other stuff.

    But, yeah, I do also get a kick out of the dire predictions of doom and gloom that rarely come to pass, or, are so far in the future that they cannot be scientifically validated.

  5. Baron of Gray Matter says:

    Taking the potatoE illustration one further, fruit is designed by it’s parent to taste good. This causes the fruit to be carried by an animal (man included) to a location far from the parent. The parent is able to reproduce and at the same time limit the sibling’s competetion with the parent for sun and water. I think the “grasses” are simply doing what nature intended them to do. Every species alive today at some point made a bold strategic move to out live its competetion. Man is more of a usful minion in this contest.

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