UN Security Council Declares Globull Warming A Threat To World Peace

If they really believed that, they would turn all the power off at every UN building in the world, and stop flying all over the world for climate change (hoax) conferences in exotic vacation locations. Anyhow

The United Nations Security Council has declared that global warming is a threat to world peace and stability, in what has been greeted as a diplomatic triumph by the current council chair Germany.

I’m still waiting for them to declare radical Islam a threat to world peace and stability (two things we’ve never had. You know, Darwinism, survival of the fittest, etc.)

The declaration means UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon will take global warming matters into account in his reports in the future. Although this in itself does not mean that specific action will be taken, it will give global warming a far greater profile.

So, more of the old “spreading awareness” along with scareathons?

German diplomats said they had been patient and had worked hard to get all 15 members of the Security Council – the most powerful body in the UN – to sign up to the declaration.

“The Security Council is concerned that the loss of land of small island nations from a rise in sea levels could have security policy consequences,” says the statement.

Uh huh. Can they name just one that has been lost? Remember the story about Nauru from the other day, about them being extremely concerned about sea level rise destroying their island?

The data set only goes out to 1998, yet, it appears as if we aren’t actually seeing any actual sea level rise at all, going back to 1974. It fluctuates with natural processes. Yet, many studies will simply state “estimates of sea level rise from 2-9mm per year” without reference. Yet, the chart at that same quoted study shows that Nauru’s level has gone….down.

The chart above comes from the Australian Joint Standing Committee On Treaties, which highlights what a farce man-made global warming sea rise is. Typically, there is an average sea level rise of 6 inches per century for the past 7,000 years. Some years/decades/centuries, there will be stability or a downturn.

Anyhow, if climate alarmists are so worried about sea level rise, why do so many live in coastal cities? Why is the UN building barely above the high tide line?

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4 Responses to “UN Security Council Declares Globull Warming A Threat To World Peace”

  1. Otis P. Driftwood says:

    It seems the UN has taken a page from barack obama’s playbook – create a crisis where there isn’t one, then take advantage of it.

  2. It’s what liberals are best at: ginning something up, then demanding money and control for government

  3. david7134 says:

    I feel that global warming is most definitely a threat to world peace. If they keep pushing this stupid concept and destroy our economy and wealth, then there is going to be hell to pay. For that matter, if the Republicans cave on the budget, I think that the Committees of Corespondence will start forming. And if they don’t give us the light bulb, then we are coming.

  4. Adobe Walls says:

    As for the Islanders whose countries are becoming submerged say hi to Aqua man for us.

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