Registration Temporarily Closed…

…till TPC stops being slammed with registration spam.

Ps: you don’t have to register to comment, an can always use your Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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5 Responses to “Registration Temporarily Closed…”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    Well, I refuse to comment then!

    (Just kidding!)

    Spammers suck.

    • Had like 40 come in overnight, an 7 more between checking email, then going in and closing. Never understood the point: comments would still be whacked regardless of registration

  2. gitarcarver says:

    I just never understood the idea of spam in comments or in a registration to begin with. Do the spammers really think that we want 50,000 comments advertising hoodie or whatever on the blogs we write and spend time on?

    Do they really think that ANYONE will click through to the site they are advertising?

    A pox on their houses.

  3. proof says:

    I don’t get that much spam, but the stuff I get is usually pretty obvious.

    Some guy named “Discount Furniture”, “Aluminum Siding Cheap” or something like that, will tell me in broken English how much he is to be liking my blog. As if I would never delete a comment with a compliment in it.

  4. Sometimes I hit on just the right combo to get tons, and have to disable trackbacks. the phrase “Fish Wrap” is a good one to ensure lots of spam.

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