Herman Cain Says US Is Not #2

Your next GOP presidential candidate and 2012 winner

Herman Cain told Georgia Republicans Saturday that being No. 2 economically and militarily is “not in our DNA.”

The Atlanta businessman and former talk radio host delivered a rousing speech to party activists at the Georgia GOP’s convention that echoed themes he’s given in previous speeches, including his rallying cry that the American dream is under attack by runaway debt.

Huck’s decided not to run, of course. The Donald, Ron Paul, and Romney should give it up. The rest should simply be thinking how they will place themselves as Herman’s VP pick. Look, I love Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin, and what they stand for, but, really, their media negatives make winning really tough. They’d be perfect for VP, though. Tim Pawlenty would be an excellent VP pick, too.

While Cain has never held elected office — he lost a 2004 Georgia Senate bid in the Republican primary — he received an enthusiastic response in his home state, bringing those in attendance to their feet 10 times, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Expect his one loss (how many times did Lincoln lose initially?) to be a big Liberal talking point if when Herman gets the GOP nod.

Are you follow @THEHermanCain yet? Head to his website. When are you coming to Raleigh, Herman?

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One Response to “Herman Cain Says US Is Not #2”

  1. theCL says:

    You know, I just don’t get all the conservative support of Herman Cain.

    I mean, being an advisor on Bob Dole’s campaign and supporting Mitt Romney provides a hint to Cain’s Big Government ideology. But his support of the central bank, TARP, bailouts, and “nationalizing” the banks is hard evidence.

    All the debt created for the bailouts was short-term paper. It’s coming due and there’s no way for anyone to pay it off. In other words, we’re not far from another major banking crisis, and Herman Cain has already shown us exactly how he’d handle it – more money printing and taxpayer paid bailouts.

    There is nothing conservative about central banking, nationalization of anything, printing money, or bailouts. There is nothing conservative about believing government should have the power to do any of these. So, what’s the point of “beating Obama,” if all we’re going to do is replace the left boot stomping on our face with a right one? After all, either way our face gets smashed.

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