Why, No, Globull Warming Didn’t Cause The Tornado Outbreak

Unless we are using the unhinged model that Mankind releasing greenhouse gases, which warm up the atmosphere, make it cold: Global warming did not cause April’s record tornadic outbreak

Scientists once again are blaming GLOBAL WARMING for this spring’s record outbreak of tornadoes. As my friend, correspondent Cecil Hathaway says: “Apparently, global warming is responsible for everything bad that happens. And, it’s all being caused by us human beings.”

But, we’re not seeing more tornadoes due to global warming. As Roy W. Spencer, Ph.D., Climatologist, and the Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville explains: “Contrasting air masses of widely-varying temperatures is the key. Active tornado seasons in the U.S. are always the result of UNUSUALLY COLD air pushing much farther south than normal through the Midwest into Dixie.”

He goes on to add: “For example, the ‘poster child’ for active tornado seasons was the so-called ‘Super Outbreak’ in April of 1974, which took place during a period of widespread global cooling. (Some thought that we were entering a new ‘Little Ice Age.’)”

During this ‘La Nina’ spring, we’ve seen a much cooler and wetter than normal period that has significantly delayed the planting of corn east of the Mississippi River in the Midwest. There is no doubt that these La Nina years favor far more tornadoes than usual.

Hmm, I remember mentioning something similar a few weeks ago.

Make sure to read the whole thing, which the Warmists will certainly dismiss as having some link to Big Oil or Big Coal. Science is not what the Warmists practice, nor care about.

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5 Responses to “Why, No, Globull Warming Didn’t Cause The Tornado Outbreak”

  1. captainfish says:

    I blame the new process for extracting Shale Oil for the tornados.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    One of the sites I visit for comedic relief is F*** My Life.

    Yesterday, they had this little gem about a person who believes in global warming:

    Today, I had to explain to my mother that the eruption of volcanoes is mainly caused by the earth’s crust moving about, not by global warming. She’s a primary school teacher. FML


  3. […] Why, No, Globull Warming Didn’t Cause The Tornado Outbreak Hmm, I remember mentioning something similar a few weeks ago. […]

  4. Yeah, but it is your need for that shale oil that causes them, Captain.

    The sad part, GT, is that that story really doesn’t surprise me in the least. Sad, eh?

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