Can “Extreme Weather” Cause Tectonic Movement?

Why, yes, they are still pushing this

People who are ridiculed for saying that earthquakes are a result of global warming could actually be right, scientists claim.

Long-term climate change has the potential to spin Earth’s tectonic plates, according to a news study from the Australian National University.

Working with researchers in Germany and France, they have established a link between the motion of the Indian plate over the last ten million years and the intensification of Indian monsoons.

Hmm, so, that kinda leaves less than 100 years of industrialization out of the causation mix.

The scientists put information into a computer that indicated how monsoons had eroded the eastern Himalayas over the last ten million years.

They discovered that enough rocks were worn away from the eastern side of the plate to account for the plate’s anti-clockwise movement.

Tell me more

‘Now we know that the opposite holds as well: long-term climate change, or the natural changes in climate patterns over millions of years, can modify the motion of plates in a feedback mechanism.’

So, weather that has been going on for ten million years can affect plate tectonics. Good to know. And, the actual substance of the story completely blows away the premise of the stories headline and first paragraph. Alarmists=#notwinning.

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6 Responses to “Can “Extreme Weather” Cause Tectonic Movement?”

  1. Kevin says:

    Eh I dunno. Global warming can do some rather amazing things. Why just last month, global warming made me forget to pay the Visa bill.

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  3. Adobe Walls says:

    Never mind that it’s the Indian plate trying to climb China and pushing up the Himalayas that causes the Monsoons.

    @ William Teach:
    Let us know how you made, out channel 11 is using phrases like “urban rescue mission”.
    Clayton made out pretty good.

  4. Had a possible tornado touch down about 3 miles away, but no damage at home. Power has apparently been out since 330pm, and it takes major damage to knock it out for my community. Winds were strong enough to lift a heavy table off my front porch.

    Where I work, all we got was lots of rain and wind, but store manager was worried, so he had most of the expensive cars moved inside. Looked like all the bad stuff was done, so he had those who were off at 6 start bringing them out. I’m moving a $42k Porshe out when it started hailing hard. Zipped that puppy right back inside.

    Preciate your concern, AW. I can’t even listen to the radio or TV

  5. Adobe Walls says:

    There are I think 3 dead in Lee County. Just heard on Channel 14 that there are 10 dead but don’t know if that included SC and Alabama. The area of Saunders St and MLK looks like the pictures that one often sees from spring outgreaks on the national news from the midwest. Goodluck getting your lights back the early evening reports mentioned tenision lines down. Our vicinity from south of Sanford north to VA got smacked but good this afternoon. Prayers for those suffering and homeless tonight.

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