Obama Signs Budget, And Signing Statement Disregarding Section On Czars

Elections have consequences, but, apparently only when His Royal Majesty Barack H. Obama is elected. Jake Tapper reports

In a statement issued Friday night, President Obama took issue with some provisions in the budget bill – and in one case simply says he will not abide by it.

Last week the White House and congressional Democrats and Republicans were involved in intense negotiations over not only the size of the budget for the remainder of the FY2011 budget, and spending cuts within that budget, but also several GOP “riders,” or policy provisions attached to the bill.

One rider – Section 2262 — de-funds certain White House adviser positions – or “czars.” The president in his signing statement declares that he will not abide by it.

“The President has well-established authority to supervise and oversee the executive branch, and to obtain advice in furtherance of this supervisory authority,” he wrote. “The President also has the prerogative to obtain advice that will assist him in carrying out his constitutional responsibilities, and do so not only from executive branch officials and employees outside the White House, but also from advisers within it. Legislative efforts that significantly impede the President’s ability to exercise his supervisory and coordinating authorities or to obtain the views of the appropriate senior advisers violate the separation of powers by undermining the President’s ability to exercise his constitutional responsibilities and take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”

Jake further goes on to quote Obama, when he was against signing statements, said they were unconstitutional, and wouldn’t use them himself. But, every Obama promise has an expiration date (he has used them multiple times before, as well), and how would Obama operate and get around the Legislative branch without his unelected Czars who have no responsibility to report to Congressional oversight?

Gateway Pundit has video of Obama’s previous statements. Unshockingly, Alan Colmes simply reports this issue, without comment. He would have been apoplectic had Bush done the same thing.

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4 Responses to “Obama Signs Budget, And Signing Statement Disregarding Section On Czars”

  1. Doomed says:

    Just another signal that our government is not out of control……..


    This president hates Business in America….he sides with unions whose record shows that they bankrupt nearly every company they every work for…..Public unions are helping bankrupt states……

    and Obama and the democrats are telling us because the GOP wants to reign in out of control spending…….

    That we are old people killers, children killers, women killers, job killers……

    The Democrats by running MASSIVE>>>>>HUMONGOUS OUT OF CONTROL BUDGET DEFICITS>>>>>>are telling US that we are stupid.

    And the MSM…….shouts AMEN!!

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  3. david7134 says:

    I feel that we are headed to a revolution. The trigger will be the pending financial collaspe. It is clear that Obama is trying as hard as possible to destroy our country.

  4. captainfish says:

    It was illegal when Bush did it too. If you feel that something is unconstitutional in a bill.. then don’t sign it. And don’t sign the bill, if you believe the whole thing is unconstitutional (McCain-Feingold bill).

    The president is bound and mandated to enforce all laws that Congress passes unless he feels they are unconstitutional. You can’t just ignore parts of a bill that you sign in to law.

    It’s all or nothing.

    Besides too, how will he pay for those czars when Congress has already said no money for them. How will he submit funding to Congress (who holds the purse-strings) when they have said no already.

    TO me, this is a moot point. Guess he will have to pay for them himself.

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