Tiny Protester Group Wants To Be Nice, Less “Nazi TEA Party”

A tiny group of pro-union agitators has decided to take it upon themselves to do something different than the other unhinged lefties who’ve been using “uncivil” language and leaving massive amounts of trash (you know, as supposed lovers of Gaia should do): Splinter protest group forms to ‘Kill the Bill… with kindess’

But a few people, apparently organized through a Facebook group called “Kill the Bill with Kindness,” have decided to take a different approach. “There were these claims that we were making a mess,” said one member, Oriol Mirosa. “So we’re just going to go around and pick stuff up.”

So, there were “claims”, surely no evidence, so, they are going to pick up the non-existent trash.

It’s an understated approach to protesting – less “Nazi-Tea Party,” more “Outside agitators please go home” – and the practitioners were careful to stay on message in all aspects of their behavior.

See? They’re going to be nicer than you Nazi TEA Partiers. I do agree with the sentiment about outside agitators. Frankly, if you aren’t from Wisconsin, you shouldn’t be there protesting or counter-protesting. If you want to report on the issue from there, great. But, all outside groups should leave this to the people of Wisconsin.

After taping paper signs to the backs of their coats that read “Please remember: This is a Peaceful Protest,” the group moved into the hallway to discuss a chant. The original effort, “Pickin’ up trash/ Put it in the bag/ Pickin’ up Walker/ Put him in the trash,” was quickly and unanimously edited down to only the first two lines. Mirosa piped up near the middle of the group of about 20, “We’re not going to go over by where the Tea Party is, are we?” he asked. “We don’t want to cause any sort of conflict.”

Only on the Left do they need visual reminders to stay peaceful, and to organize in order to not litter.

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