AlterNet’s: Racism Against Herman Cain’s Fine Cause He’s A Conservative

They barely even bother with “sorry if you’re offended” schtick

On Chauncey DeVega’s Herman Cain Post
Editor’s Note: Yesterday, Chauncey DeVega, an African-American writer, published a post on AlterNet assessing the CPAC performance of Herman Cain, a right-wing potential presidential candidate, in strong and provocative language. Like DeVega, Cain is African American. We understand that some are offended by DeVega’s choice of words. We note, however, that most of the consternation generated by DeVega’s post has come from right-wing supporters of Cain who have focused on the language of his post and not the substance of his claim that Cain lends cover to reactionary right-wing forces.

See? It’s fine to be racist because Cain’s a conservative, and you crazy right wingers are too focused on the blatant racist language, and not the racist substance.

And yeah, Chauncey does quadruple down on his post, saying he sticks by it 100%. He even brings up the Willy Horton ad…say, didn’t a Dem actually start that?

Anyhow, true, a black using that language about another black isn’t really racist, however, the fact that AlterNet approved the shows that the organization is racist.

More, via Memeorandum, at Confederate Yankee, All American Blogger and Hit & Run

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