Dried Up UK Rivers To Cause…..Flooding?

The climate morons are out in force at the UK Guardian (via Steven Goddard)

Lord Smith of Finsbury, a cabinet minister in the last Labour government and chairman of the Environment Agency, said that while many companies were starting to take steps to reduce their emissions, few businesses had started to appreciate how rises in temperatures would impact on their operations.

“To the business world, I would say it is important to pay attention to cutting down on emissions, doing the mitigation stuff will be increasingly important. But it is equally important to see how you as a business will cope with those changes,” said Smith.

“For example, if you are a business using large amounts of water – you need to be thinking about the level of water resources available in summer months. In 30 years in the South and East, levels of flow in our rivers will be down 50%. Are you beside a river? What is the flood risk and will it increase?

Um. OK.

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5 Responses to “Dried Up UK Rivers To Cause…..Flooding?”

  1. mojo says:

    Political correctness at it’s Stalinist finest.

  2. Kevin says:

    Well apparently the flood risk will disappear, or else our rivers wouldn’t be down by 50%.

    Or is this just another example of the power of AGW? Can it cause droughtfloods?

  3. Steve says:

    THANK YOU for posting this! Your site rocks!!!

    Common Cents

  4. Doomed says:

    Okay Kevin. Let me address that. FYI…I am an engineer who does environmental impact studies and ground water analysis. I have been doing such for most of my 30 plus year in the energy field.

    To your question….does Global warming cause flooding. Yes.

    The problem with most people in the Global warming debate is that they are trying to deny the globe is warming when in fact it is and has been for the last 112,000 years.

    The debate has always been WHY is the globe warming.

    A recent study by UC Santa Barbra Oceanography department concluded in an extensive analysis of the last super greenhouse period on earth where the average temperature was 90 degrees around the globe that only………40 percent of the glacier covering Greenland melted. This super sauna period lasted 1000’s of years and yet it could only melt 40 percent of the Greenland Ice sheet.

    C02 readings were in the 4000 PPM range. Yes Four thousand. Not FOUR HUNDRED as the alarmist are predicting today.

    The facts are just not there to support the dire destruction of the earth BASED UPON RISING CO2 levels.

    That does not mean the planet is not warming. That does not mean the earth does not need stewardship. That does not mean that the earth is in need of responsible governance to ensure that our atmosphere and grounds are taken care of and not polluted or toxified.

    However rising co2 levels are one of the greatest jokes ever perpetrated by scientists on mankind. As I indicated in another post….the burning of fossil fuels results in about 30 billion tonnes of co2 to be released into the air each year. It is accurately estimated that the earth respirates a total of 850 billion tonnes of co2 per year.

    Reducing mans production of co2 by 40 percent…advocated by the AGW proponents..will reduce the co2 pumped into the air by about 1 percent.

    Why you hear me continue to discuss the ocean currents is because the oceans are what regulates the co2 in the air. Currents continue to push co2 laden water deep into the oceans where the co2 is solidified in sediments and over millions of years it eventually becomes oil….yeah…thats why the oil companies drill in oceans. There is no doubt trillions of barrels of oil still undiscovered under our oceans because of the effects of the oceans being the massive sink to carbon.

    When the co2 becomes a problem for not only the oceans is that the co2 will change the alkalinity of the oceans and along with melting fresh water in both greenland and the south arctic this change in salinity levels actually effects the ocean currents….bringing with it a chilling effect.

    That is why I unlike most of my colleagues…not all…but most are more concerned with cooling rather then warming. Every ice core sample ever taken shows a build up of co2 prior to COOLING…not warming….

    In addition the ice core samples show that the move from hot to cold is FAST….very fast…on the order of decades….not centuries or thousands of years. That is because new evidence has surfaced in the relatively new field of oceanography that shows just how much heat is transferred around the globe via the oceans conveyor belts and…..

    That sometime during the last onset of the ice age these currents simply stopped..almost immediately in geologic times.

    So in conclusion without Writing a 50 page paper that can be rebutted by everyone with an interest in the subject because there are no hard facts….simply theories and postulates…..

    A warming globe will in fact see weather changes. The globe has been warming for the last 114,000 years and it is due for the onset of the next ice age….they happen every 114,000 years on average…

    According to ice modelling, ice over central East Antarctica was generally thinner than today. Additionally Alaska remained mostly ice free due to arid climate conditions….a condition we are seeing develop in Alaska once again today.

    So the signs are pointing to the earth doing what she has done for at least a billion years…..Heat up and cool down….we have been heating up for 114,000 years and it is literally at that point in our history where we are scheduled for the onset of the next glacial period. Or the next ice age.

    Core sampling modeling show that CO2 build ups proceed a glacial event…not follow it. Hence the build up we are seeing of co2 is much more conducive to a new ice age event rather then a global warming catastrophe.

    In fact a warm planet is actually conducive to supporting more human beings…. A frozen planet is conducive to thinning human populations.

    Sorry for the long post but in a nutshell there is much more evidence pointing to a coming glacial period then their is a super greenhouse period as predicted by the climate alarmists.

    The current crop of scientists are good smart people who are simply can take facts….and make them show that the earth is warming and heading for a catastrophe. I can take the same facts and prove that the earth is heading for a glacial event just as quickly.

    Who is right? Perhaps neither but one thing I am totally convinced by is that CO2 is not the evil cancer trigger we are all fearing…in fact co2 is one of the life changing gases of this planet that works miracles in its very purpose.

  5. captainfish says:

    My head hurts…

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