Obama’s DOJ Thinks “Warrentless Wiretapping” Rocks

Remember when this type of news would drive the Left stark raving bonkers?

The Obama administration’s Justice Department has asserted that the FBI can obtain telephone records of international calls made from the U.S. without any formal legal process or court oversight, according to a document obtained by McClatchy.

That assertion was revealed — perhaps inadvertently — by the department in its response to a McClatchy request for a copy of a secret Justice Department memo.

Back before January 20, 2009, this story would have been front page news on all the major Old Media outlets. CNN, NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC, Guardian, you name it, they’d be featuring it. Unhinged editorials would be written, decrying that evil Bush who was taking away American civil liberties. Ever Left side pundit would be screaming this at the top of their virtual lungs. Air America’s 6 listeners would be calling in, and the 3 second delay would be needed on a constant basis. Keith Olberman would being giving special comments for a week, and naming Bush the Worst Person in The World. Elected Democrats would be calling for investigations. Excitable Andrew Sullivan would have been doing his normal schtick, and John Cole would be barking that “this is why he became a Democrat!!!!!!1!!!!! bark bark !!!!! Sock Puppet Glenn Greenwald….well, give Glenn props for usually calling Obama out for these kinds of things, just not this time.

Today? Not so much. A few liberal sites, no major media other than McClatchy. And notice that now the “warrantless wiretaps” include the information that they are about telephone records of international calls, though, these are from the US, rather than ones that originated overseas, and they are asserting that no warrant or oversight is needed, regardless of whether the person making the call from the USA is an American citizen or legal resident.

How things change..

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6 Responses to “Obama’s DOJ Thinks “Warrentless Wiretapping” Rocks”

  1. Maggie Mama says:

    Obviously, Teach, you are failing to abide by Oprah’s call to “respect” our president.

    Really, comparing what was done or said by the Left about President Bush and trying to form a rationale about what is occurring in today’s world shows NO “respect” …. You are just suppose to accept what Obama is doing without any criticism.

    I bet you didn’t sign her no texting while driving pledge either!

  2. Who is this “Oprah” you speak of?

    I’m usually a good boy about texting while driving. Now, scrolling through Twitter or check the weather at a stop light….

  3. proof says:

    The Left is famous for their faux outrage. The same holds true for the “anti-war” movement that crawled back in their spider hole as soon as Obama became Commander in Chief.

  4. Doomed says:

    When Bush was president it was this:


    Now that Obama is president it is this:


    When George Washington was president it was this:

    The revered Thomas Jefferson left Washingtons cabinet and set up an opposition party to George Washington. There was such bitter resentment against Washington by his opponents that he was often portrayed as being lynched and his ambassador to Great Britian was burned in effigy around the country.

    George Washington refused a third term because 2 terms had literally worn him out. The bickering, strife and hatreds formented over policy and politics was as powerful in 1789 as it is in 2011.

    Tone it down? Its never changed…we only see it more because of the internet.

    That is all.

  5. Well, remember, Proof, it is all about the feelings of the moment. If it wasn’t for inconsistency, the left wouldn’t have any consistency.

    Just imagine the liberal derangement and vitriol when a Republican wins in 2012, Doomed!

  6. proof says:

    “Just imagine the liberal derangement and vitriol when a Republican wins in 2012” That’ll just warm the cockles of your heart now, won’t it?

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