RED – The Movie Review

Yes, I headed out to the 1:20pm showing of RED this afternoon, and, was impressed. To make it simple, I’ll give it a solid B.

For those expecting all action, like so many Bruce Willis movies, nope, sorry. There were some times which were a little slow, perhaps a bit awkward. Yet, as the movie goes on, those slow parts, mostly at the beginning, tend to make more and more sense, as you realize that Willis’ character was having trouble finding a real life after retirement from the CIA, and is looking for a some love.

Morgan Freeman really didn’t have that big a role, but, John Malkovitch was fantastic as one of the good guys, who is seriously messed in the head “was given acid every day for 11 years.” Helen Mirren was wonderful as a retired British assassin, who meets up with her true love (to say more would be a spoiler). Mar-Louise Parker plays the part of the person Willis’ character wants to date, caught up CIA trying to kill Willis, and goes with the flow.

Really, though, this is about Willis vs. Karl Urban, who gives an outstanding performance. There is a great fight scene between the twowhere Urban calls Willis “grandpa,” and, with Aerosmith’s “Back In The Saddle” plays. You can imagine what happens. There is quite a bit of light heartedness and humor, so, expect a pretty good movie. Well worth the price of admission.

On another note, I arrived at the theater way early, and sat through the previews. Sigh. There was a promo for the upcoming movie “Fair Game,” based on the idiotic memoirs of Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame. OMG, unbelievable ridiculous. It makes her out to be an urban house wife by night, and a CIA operative traveling all around the world be day, getting into operations, instead of being the desk bound analyst she had been. Surely, the movie won’t tell you who really outed her. And so much other idiocy not worth going into. Like making it seem Wilson traveled all over Niger, instead of hanging in hotels asking about nuclear material. Expect this movie, like most of the other unhinged far left ones released in the past half decade, to be given the big FAIL tag at the box office.

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2 Responses to “RED – The Movie Review”

  1. proof says:

    Looking forward to seeing “Red”. Did you catch the picture of Gina Elise in the CIA’s janitor’s closet? Let’s hear it for Pinups for Vets!

  2. I caught the pinup, but, didn’t realize it was Gina. Pretty awesome!

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