One Nation Wrap-Up: A Telling Photo

I had every intention of pretty much moving past the #OneNationFail rally after posting a few links in the Patriotic Pinup post, unless I ran across an actual overhead shot. I did run across this image, though

Now, I’ve seen the shot which looks like it was taken from the top of the Washington Monument, which even the Huffington Post is pushing as “proof” of the rally being bigger than the Restoring Honor rally. Not sure how, when you compare the photos. The first is of the One Nation, taken by Nico Pitney. The one problem I have is that we do not know what time it was taken. The second is of the Glenn Beck rally, about midway through.

Now, if I look at the one by Nico, it looks like it was, and I’m guessing, early in the rally. Like a Dodgers game, people were very late to arrive, and left early. (Interestingly, it looks like a ton of those bused in stayed in hotels on Saturday night. Which is interesting, since every hotel in the D.C. area had plenty of openings.)

Now, the first photo, all the way at the top, interests me, because you can see, to some degree, off to the right side of the Reflecting Pool, the side with the Korean War Memorial (that would be on the left of both of the comparison shots.) The fact is, as you could see from the TV coverage as well, there were very few people hanging on that lawn. Mostly, they were tourists. From the first shot you can tell there weren’t many people beyond the sides of the Pool. Some were in the trees, but, that is about it. So, if the Lefties want to claim there were only 87K, as reported by cBS, that means only about 20k at the One Nation. If they want to claim 175-200K, as the organizers proclaim, based on some satellite shots, which no one else has seen, then Beck would have about 500-600K, easy. Even the New York Times proclaimed “Significant areas of the National Mall that had been filled during Mr. Beck’s rally were empty.”

Some lefties can claim they won, but, seriously, just admit it, if not failed, surely did not succeed. Beck’s rally was mostly non-partisan, mostly about God (which surprised many attendees, including me.) People came from all over the country, even the world, on their own accord. They weren’t bussed in by their unions. They didn’t need every fear mongering, race baiting, grievance and complaint group out there to try and get them to D.C. They just came.

Da Tech Guy has some interesting comparisons regarding attendance and trash between the two rallies.

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8 Responses to “One Nation Wrap-Up: A Telling Photo”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Any particular reason why it is only linked to and not posted up?There are plenty of others showing more people than this one that you put up.

    • What are you talking about, John? That top photo is a pretty good representation. The middle one, which even liberals are posting, is actually, in my mind, a pretty poor estimation.

  2. Kevin says:

    I have to say that I’d rather have been at the socialist rally than at the Glenn Beck rally. Mostly because people annoy me, and the less there are around me, the better.

  3. gitarcarver says:

    Any particular reason why it is only linked to and not posted up?

    Any reason you can’t read the TOS on this set of pictures?

  4. captainfish says:

    Teach, by my estimation, the OneCommieNation overhead photo was taken approximately around noon. If the reflection pool is directly west to east then the shadow coming off of the WW2 memorial towers look to be pointing directly north.

    Even the little white tower thingy in the middle of the green open field on left-hand side is casting its shadow directly northward.

    The program kicked off at 11am and ran till about 4pm.

    Thus, I would suggest that the overhead shot was taken somewhere between 11am and 1pm when the crowds should have been at their highest.

    This website suggests 200,000 attended.

    I believe the problem with the very top photo is that it is a low angle and focuses on the front people. It is very difficult to detect distance. I can tell only a bit that the numbers of people fades off near the end of the pool. But, I can’t tell if it is half-way down or somewhere along the line.

    Thus, I think that the overhead shot showing very little people half0way along the pool to be accurate. If we are to believe that the reflecting pool area holds 200-250,000 people, then they only had less than 100,000.

    For Glenn’s rally, he had the pool full, the far right side full (which holds even more people, the WW2 had people, the area behind him was full, and there were people at the Washington monument and to the right of the pool as well. I would suggest he had more than 750,000 and close to 1 million.

  5. captainfish says:

    This as well:

    “The October 2, 2010, One Nation Rally, held at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, in Washington, D.C., can be summed up in three words: complain, complain, complain. The rally appeared more like a contest, to see which special interest group can outdo the other as the biggest victim of society.

    The One Nation Rally, had sparse crowds, empty seats in the front of the podium, and people roaming around that held little interest in the speakers. In fact, several speakers attempted to provoke the audience to chant a slogan, only to fail in embarrassment. Even the great orator, Jesse Jackson, failed to whip the crowd up to chant his famous: “Keep Hope Alive” slogan.

    On the sidelines you found small groups of people yelling in bull horns and passing out leaflets. Participants only cared about getting their groups message out to passerby, even if it overshadowed the main event. It was a poor public image that showed self-interest was more important than the national interest.”

  6. The official start time was to have been noon for the #OneNationFail (Twittering too much). I have a feeling that the photo was taken between noon and 1pm. Trish emailed me a link to a site that says around 1pm. Consider that cBS photos were supposedly taken at noon, and notice the shadow of the Washington Monument. So, the shot for the OneNationFail had to be in the relative same time, 12-1. Which makes it even more of a fail. If cBS says an “estimate a margin of error of 9,000, meaning between 78,000 and 96,000 people attended the rally”, then that means that the OneNationFail would be about 10K.

    The reason I found that one shot interesting was because it showed how few people were off to the side. They may have had 175-200K marching, but, they were showing up then leaving, probably as each of their union reps got up to talk and then finished.

  7. captainfish says:

    You also have to deduct a percentage of people due to them just being there to hock their wares per many of the pictures seen.

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