AGW Today: Vampire Bat Attacks Blamed On…….

You know where this is going, right?

Another child, the fifth in a row of four children whose cause of death diagnosis according to the Peruvian health experts is rabies, is dead after being bitten by vampire bats.

Records showed that the children who died belonged to the indigent groups inhabiting near the border of Ecuador. The attack is subsequently associated with climate change.

It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with humans encroaching on the forest homes of the bats, could it? They see humans as simply another food source, and when their areas are destroyed, the will feed. It’s not like there have been reported attacks (they aren’t really attacks, they just see humans as loud farm animals) back in the 16th century. Nah, gotta be man caused global climate disruption.

(via Tom Nelson)

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9 Responses to “AGW Today: Vampire Bat Attacks Blamed On…….”

  1. captainfish says:

    Man, talk about a blatant attempt at linkage.

    That’s like saying, …
    more cows are breaking their legs in mole holes. This is due to global climate change.

    Now, of course, this doesn’t state whether man has caused it to get colder or warmer, but only that the climate has changed. Which of course is a normal part of nature.

    It’s amazing, they are now just throwing these terms around like litter.

  2. Kevin says:

    I was bitten by a mosquito today, thanks to global warming.

  3. captainfish says:

    Quit spreading global disruption lies, you alarmist.

  4. john says:

    what next Teach ” if God did not want man attacked by rabid bats he would not have made them in the first place” Or how about man is completely incapable of affecting his enviorment, which means that he could have absolutely no effect on climate ? There are always some that will deny evolution, holocaust, age of the Earth, and many of these same people also deny climate change. Shall I post some of the glbal cooling posts that you USED to put up say from 2007 when global cooling was just around the corner “sez some scientist” Teach when do you think that this warming trend will end and WHAT do you see is the main reason the world is getting hotter, or maybe you don’t think that it is ?

  5. captainfish says:

    OMG>. hahahahahhhaaaa

    please, oh please john please present some proof that warming has occurred. And, before you jump, make sure that the authors, sites, and data that you use is not based on faulty data or corrupted scientists.

    warming… hahahahaa … that’s a good one.

    In my neck of the woods, I can’t remember a time when we had the fewest mowing days… on record. I can’t remember when cooling started so early either around here. Have you seen and heard how cool California has been? Did you see last week’s San Fran 49’rs game? They were wearing sweaters!!

  6. Hank says:

    John, know anything about the June 6th Bilderberg Meeting in Spain? This is how it was advertised.

    The 58th Bilderberg Meeting will be held in Sitges, Spain 3 – 6 June 2010. The Conference will deal mainly with Financial Reform, Security, Cyber Technology, Energy, Pakistan, Afghanistan, World Food Problem, Global Cooling, Social Networking, Medical Science, EU-US relations.

    See those words right in front of “Social Networking”?

    Do try to keep up.

  7. David says:

    No one is denying climate change. If you look at even the recent past (last 2000 years), you will see significant alterations in the climate. Now as to if the earth is getting hotter or cooler, no one knows. That includes these great “scientist” that you are constantly trying to quote. You see, it is necessary to look at a trend. Now I am aware of the various trendlines that some of the climate people have put out, but much of this has been doctored and the data is suspect. In about 100 years, we can look back and say if it is hotter or not. But in the mean time, we need good, clean data. That means putting several thermometers in various locations and just measuring the day to day temp. Apparently the climate people can’t do this without adjusting the data to fit their preconceived notions.

    The other concept is trying to say why the temp is changing. There does not have to be an explanation! It could be and likely is sun activity. But the fact is that we really don’t know for sure. Now that brings up the problem most have with the climmate agenda. The governments of the world are using this to fundamentally change us. Little of their activity has to do with something that will really have the desired effect. Most is certain to destroy the economy of the US and cost us more money. That is where conservatives have a problem.

  8. Otter says:

    I deny that johnny ryan is an IDIOT.

    Which means I Must be wrong….

  9. captainfish says:

    The Green Bay Packers lost Monday Night Football with the worst number of penalties in 55 years (with twice that not called on them) because of “Global Climate Disruption”.

    (WHAT THE CRAP DOES THAT TERM EVEN MEAN!!?!?!?!?!!??!!?!?)

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