Islamists Riot, Burn, And Kill In Kashmir After Koran Was Not Burned

They apparently do not like Obama, either, as they burned him in effigy, per the photo at the link

Authorities in Indian-ruled Kashmir say police have killed 13 demonstrators who were denouncing reports that Qurans had been desecrated in the United States.  One policeman also was killed in the clashes.

Indian officials say clashes turned deadly Monday between police and thousands of rock-throwing protesters who were ignoring curfews set near Kashmir’s summer capital Srinagar.  Police also opened fire and killed at least five protesters when a mob torched a Christian-run school and attempted to set fire to government buildings in Tangmarg village.

The demonstrations were partly fueled by reports on an Iranian state-run channel that a handful of ultra-conservative Christians in the United States had burned or ripped Qurans.

Except, really, the planned protest by Terry Jones and his nutty church did not happen. Yes, a few lone jerks did burn and tear a few Korans, yet, is that a reason to get violent? Apparently so, in Islamist World. Rather ironic that they protest by burning things, eh? And certainly, Islamists wouldn’t burn a Bible, since they want peace and all, right? Or churches. Or burn Christians. Anyhow, good think burning a Koran is not considered a hate crime, otherwise, someone might ask the FBI to step in and investigate.

Of course, this Koran burning event that didn’t happen is just another reason for the Religion of Perpetual Outrage to become violent.

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3 Responses to “Islamists Riot, Burn, And Kill In Kashmir After Koran Was Not Burned”

  1. BloggerUser0 says:

    I am one of those lone jerks that burned a Koran on 9/11. Sorry, I wasn’t aware that my First Amendment rights had been suspended, nor was I aware that William Teach thinks the Koran is worth saving or respect.

    I see the Koran as a terrorist’s handbook and I hold Islam and the Koran completely responsible for the 3,000 deaths in New York nine years ago…and for London, Madrid, Beslan and Bali. I burned a Koran for the strong symbolic message that it conveys: that I utterly reject Islam for the evil, violent and destructive ideology that it is; and that I hold Islam responsible for the millions of deaths and atrocities committed in its name. Islam deserves no respect, no rationalization, no succor, no refuge. It is completely evil.

    I also refuse to self-censor over Muslim sensibilities (my sensibilities were quite hurt nine years ago and they danced in the streets).

    We need moral clarity to defeat Islam and that means we must stop parsing our words and giving credibility to polite but dangerous fictions like “moderate Islam.” (See Andrew McCarthy’s essay at NRO yesterday entitled “Imagining Islam.”)

    • BloggerUser0 says:

      I wrote the above post but it did not capture my identity.

      I am Stogie from the blog Saber Point.

  2. captainfish says:

    Ummmm Stogie? You may be able to burn, but you can’t read. Teach, supports your rights and ability to burn that book. He may not agree with it, but I am sure he sees the outrage over the burning far outweighs the reality of the situation.

    Also, I find it ironic that they are getting violent and deadly about the burning of a cheap copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a……. etc ad infinitem……

    Yet, they have no prob burning brand new effigies….. or even actual human bodies.

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