8/28 Rally Was Incredible!

Even the media is having a hard time finding a way to put it in negative terms, what with 500,000 or more in attendance (s0me are even going as far as 1 million, but, don’t think so. And the idiots at CBS are claiming 87,000) or watching on C-SPAN. For myself, I was there, found a hotel room (I was a bit late in booking), was a bit expensive, so I only stayed Friday night, came back to Raleigh this evening. It wasn’t quite what I expected, rather like an old time religious rally, but, all in all, incredible, a way of reconnecting with God and patriotism, core American values. Even the Washington Post had to give a sorta thumbs up

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck and other icons of the “tea party” movement addressed a sea of activists Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial, championing a religious brand of patriotism and calling for the nation to recommit itself to traditional values they said were hallmarks of its exceptional past.

Why is tea party in quotations? OK, never mind, liberal bias.

On the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, steps away from where it was delivered, Sarah Palin and other speakers at Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally staked a claim to King’s legacy and to that of the Founding Fathers. They urged a crowd that stretched to the Washington Monument to concentrate on the nation’s accomplishments rather than on its psychological scars.

“Something that is beyond man is happening,” Beck said from the base of the Lincoln Memorial. “America today begins to turn back to God.”

The event was billed as “nonpolitical,” and Beck steered clear of the partisan commentary that has made him a hero to many conservatives and a nemesis to many on the left. But political overtones were unmistakable, and the rally drew a large crowd – including many who said they were new to activism – that was energized and motivated to act.

For the most part, it was non-political. A few shots here and there, and, obviously, many in the crowd were political. I think quite a few people were expecting something different, though, I do believe they were pleased.

People were stacked up all the way to the Washington Monument.

And, hey, you know it must have succeeded when so many on the left are at full Force 10 Moonbattery, as seen by all the different links at Memeorandum. Also here and here. Especially since the AP makes an inadvertently good point (though did try the old “thousands gather near Lincoln Memorial“, without mentioning what was going on)

It was not clear how many tea party activists were in the crowd, but the sheer size of the turnout helped demonstrate the size and potential national influence of the movement.

Are you paying attention, elected Washington? This means you Republicans, too.

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8 Responses to “8/28 Rally Was Incredible!”

  1. John Ryan says:

    the company that took the picture that you used aerialphoto were the ones that came up with that figure of 87,000 They are professionals. If you blow it up you can see quite a bit of green Fox News reported thousands, but bot hundreds of thousands.here is my way of estimating the number. The reflecting pool is 2000 feet long My estimate of people on either side is 300 ft on either side; 2000′ x600′ gives 1,200,000 sq ft of people. I say each person is 10 sq ft of space that is about 3.1 ft on each side dividing 1,200,000 by 10 gives 120,000 people. Well obviously at the bottom of that photo you can see a lot of green so I think that 87 000 is correct. JUST HOW DID YOU DO YOUR ESTIMATE TEACH ?/

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Of course Ryan, if you were to go back and look at the pictures from the day of Martin Luther Kin’s speech on the Mall, you’d see that the crowd today was much larger.

    The crowd estimate for that day was over 200,000 people.

    Only in your world can something larger than 200,000 be less than 200,000.

    I guess that could explain why you think 600 yards is the same as 5 miles.

    Oh, btw Ryan, when was the CBS picture taken and analysis done? And who says the company are “experts?” The company itself doesn’t.

  3. GE Thomas says:

    I am strict Moderate Conservative Independent who has problems with both political parties. The liberals like to call the Repubs the party of NO, even though they have put many ideas out there. As I have noticed over the past year, the Dem Party has turned into the party of hate and deceit. Even the politicians Grayson, Dean, Pelosi, Reid have made some of the most hate-filled comments I have ever heard come out of Congress. These same people support building a Muslim Mosque but condemn at every turn any Christian thought out there. What happened to there belief in Separation of Church and State? What a bunch of hate filled hypocrites!
    “The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity” – The New Democrat Party!

  4. Nice try, John, but, even the park service estimates around 300,000.

    Hey, maybe CBS weenies sat there and counted each one, GT. They are truly sad specimens of a supposedly unbiased media, eh?

    Without hypocrisy, GE, the Dem Party would have no beliefs.

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  6. captainfish says:

    Wait, what???

    “and other icons of the “tea party” movement”

    Who? What “icons”?? As the tea party movement is a local movement pushing a national scale, who are the icons? To me, the icons are the local heros.

    Ok, you tell me Sarah Palin. Well, she’s not really a tea party icon. She does speak at some rallies, but she comes from a paid speaker’s point of view that pushes a conservative message. Like Anne Coulter.

    Who else? And, so what if there were tea party members in the crowd. I am sure there were Catholics too. There might have even been some Baptists. And, I can even bet you there were some Democrats there.

    Wonder what that does to the meme?

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