AGW Today: Time For Another Unhinged Lecture On AC And Cars

Apparently, air conditioning is becoming a favorite target of the unhinged climate alarmists. There have already been several stories, and here comes another in the LA Times

The car culture’s impact on cities and suburbs has been the subject of heated debate for decades. But all the while, humming away inconspicuously in the background, air conditioning also has been changing the way we live and changing us, and not always for the better.

After a long story telling us just how bad AC and auto’s are, two inventions that allow for modern life, the conclusion

The key to reducing the impact of mobile air conditioning is to keep as many cars as possible at home and switched off. That will mean restructuring cities and suburbs as pedestrian havens, discouraging car travel (and keeping cities cooler) by replacing parking lots with parks, and launching a crash expansion of inexpensive, convenient and cool mass transportation.

In other words, we need to back out of the ecological dead-end alley we’ve been traveling down for half a century. It won’t be easy. With air conditioning so thoroughly integrated into American society, we’re going to have trouble finding reverse gear. But it’s there.

And welcome to living like it is 1599! Every rational in the story is simply a disguise for climate alarmism and people who live in some fantasy world, yet, have their article published in a paper (which kills trees) and on the Internet (which uses lots of power), not too mention all the AC used at the LA Times building, and the need for their employees to drive places.

Meanwhile, it was so windy in England that a wind turbine was knocked down. Ironic, eh? (yes, I do support the use of wind turbines)

Oh, and for all you Believers, 2010 is not the hottest year. You’re being scammed, though, you are too brain dead and indoctrinated to know it.

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4 Responses to “AGW Today: Time For Another Unhinged Lecture On AC And Cars”

  1. Trish says:

    They’ll have to pry our air conditioners from our cold (or comfortably cooled) dead hands…
    OMG how stupid can people really be?
    I suppose they’d be willing ot give up blackberries and American Idol too? What is the matte rwith them? Progress such as autos and electricity are always a source of contraversy, but once things are perfected, it becomes accepted living standard. If these morons want to go back to 1599, as you so aptly said, then do it without us! I’m not interested and think the idea is ridiculous, thanks but no thanks etc.

  2. mojo says:

    I love all the “we have to” and “we must” language.

    In the immortal words of Tonto: “What you mean ‘we’, paleface?”

  3. John Ryan says:

    Teach why not make a point not at what the most extreme AGW devotees have to say, why not instead look at your most pro climate change deniers in the US Senate Inpue. Here is a man who believes not only that there is no climate change BUT ALSO that the Earth is only 6000 years old as the Bible says. Now Teach show me a US senator who wants to take away every airconditioner and who also believes that the earth is only 6000 years old and that man walked with dinosaurs like Barney Flintstone. Because in the US Senate the biggest climate change denier is a man who believes that humans walked the earth 6000 years ago with dinosaurs. Are their nut cases that support AGW ? Yeah sure, are their but cases who have been elected by Republicans to the US Senate who deny climate change and believe the Bible over science ? You Betcha. Teach please defend this GOP standard bearer who denies global climate change. Or at least come up with one of our “it snowed in Abu Dhabi” and that proves that the world is NOT getting hotter but instead is about to enter another ice age.

  4. Otter says:

    ‘lil lying BASTARD johnnie ryan never gives up.

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