Israel Vs Iran Betting Pool

I’ll take Hospital/Medical Building at 29. What’s your bet?

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4 Responses to “Israel Vs Iran Betting Pool”

  1. DMartyr says:

    Great prize! Thanks!

  2. John Ryan says:

    Teach if you had the jam to actually bet real money you could make 5 times your bet by going to People who bet real money do not think that Israel will attack Iran. If your Saint W would not allow it why do you think Obama would ? What do you think the effect would be on the world economy ? How high do you think the price of gas would go ? China is the largest customer of Iranian oil and we owe them the most money, how do you thimk they would deal with an attack on their oil producer ?

    • DMartyr says:

      Israel will HAVE to attack sooner or later, as a matter of survival.

      There is no defensive deterrent once Iran has a nuclear arsenal. They will happily commit suicide to destroy Israel and, in doing so (according to shiite beliefs), usher the return of the Mahdi.

      If you’ve learned nothing else about islamic terorists, you should know they are perfectly willing to sacrifice their lives and any other lives – including their own families – for their chance to enter paradise.

  3. ck says:

    The sooner the better.The more time Barry has to scheme with Hamas behind closed doors the worse it gets for Israel. It should have happened by now, before oour ships arrived in the Gulf. I think Barry sent the ships to protect Iran, not Israel.

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