Are You Ready For The Carp Czar?

I’m hoping that Obama really is not this freaking stupid

As concerns mount about the presence of Asian carp near Lake Michigan, U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin today urged President Obama to appoint a carp czar to oversee efforts to keep the invasive species out of the Great Lakes.

“We need to have one person who coordinates the efforts of the federal, state and local agencies that are doing everything they can to keep the Asian carp out of Lake Michigan,” Durbin said during a news conference at the Shedd Aquarium. “We believe it’s absolutely essential.”

Just rearrange a few letters in the fishes name, and that is exactly what Durbin’s suggestion is worth.

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4 Responses to “Are You Ready For The Carp Czar?”

  1. Trish says:

    I know there’s a joke in here, but it’s just too damn depressing realizing that this is where we are today. A carp czar. Geesh. And yes, we may actually need a crap czar. Very soon. Or we should have had one years ago.

  2. John Ryan says:

    of course we don’t need BIG GOVERNMENT doing anything about the enviorment, that is just crazy socialist hippie talk. The oil spill is all natural !! The ocean can clean itself I am sure that something like this has happened before in the last 4 billion years, just like climate change

  3. Trish says:

    Oh fer chrissakes John! This encroaching carp deal has been going on for a while now, and could have been dealt with in the very beginning of signs of trouble, had they just listened to those who were warning about it. Now, it’s a crisis instead of manageable. Point is, why do we need to appoint someone from big government EVERY time to solve our problems? Why not let the scientists who saw this coming, the people who are in charge of the Great Lakes and river systems and who KNOW all about them deal with it? Instead, we’ll hire some egghead with no experience (but at least one degree in law) to mess things up royally instead.

    And, by the way, No one is saying that the oil spill is natural and no one would suggest we shouldn’t deal with it as quickly and safely as possible. So far though, Obama has not taken advantage of many outlets willing to assist. That’s very poor management indeed.

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