Senator Kay Hagan Goes Chicken On Tough Question

Unshockingly, yet another Democrat, this time my Senator, Kay Hagan, had a bit of the “woops, a tough question, gotta run” syndrome (Via Hot Air from The Right Scoop)

Ed Morrissey

Time flies when you’re having … to dodge a question you can’t answer. Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) “scoots” almost as soon as the hosts of Rush Radio 94.5 (not affiliated with Rush Limbaugh) ask Hagan to justify a federal mandate to buy insurance under the Constitution during yesterday’s interview. Instead of providing an answer, Hagan starts talking about “free riders” and the costs to the insured, and then suddenly discovers that she’s needed elsewhere, right now. The co-hosts are left laughing about her escape trick and note, correctly, that she never answered their question

Kay is about as useful as John Edwards was. Remember, they called him “Senator Gone.”

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One Response to “Senator Kay Hagan Goes Chicken On Tough Question”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    A recent blog post in my local paper specifically attacked the State Attorney General of my state who has filed suit to stop the Health Care Bill, as well as those states who have joined in the suit.

    Someone posted a challenge to list what was against the Constitution in the bill and stated that only people who were ignorant as to what the Constitution says are actually supporting the lawsuit.

    Accepting the challenge, I listed the problems with the bill and asked for citations as to where the Constitution gave the Federal government to have this bill as law.

    My post was rational, did not attack anyone, and only put forth the reasons the bill is un-Constitutional.

    The responses have been interesting. I have been attacked, my intelligence and associations questions, but no one has been able to address the questions.

    Like the guys on Rush Radio, the more you confront those on the left with facts and reasoning, the more they will attack you with ad hominem attacks, or run away, but they never answer the questions.

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