Sigh. Alarmists Still Pushing The Volcano Meme, Now Add Earthquakes

It can really no longer be considered a science, alarmists, not when anthropogenic global warming seems to be the root cause of freaking everything

Earthquakes and tsunamis are just the tip of the iceberg as climate change could lead to more “hazardous” geological events like volcanoes and landslides, experts have warned.

While rising temperature are predicted to cause the melting of ice, rise in sea level, heavy storms and rainfall, the Earth’s crust can be affected by all these phenomenon, according to papers published by the Royal Society. Even minor changes in the environment could spark off earthquakes and tsunamis.

Guess what? Except for the rise in sea level, the same things can happen during cooler periods. How about one of the largest ever in human history, Mt. Tambora? During the Little Ice Age. Krakatoa? Right at the end of the LIA. Grímsvötn? Long Island (Papua New Guinea)? Kolumbo? Bárðarbunga? All LIA time period. In fact, some of the deadliest volcanic eruptions over the past 2,000 years occurred during cooling periods. Of course, climate data is virtually non-existent prior to the Medieval Climate Optimum, but, if the pattern holds, it was probably cooler when Mt. Vesuvius blew its top in 79 A.D. It doesn’t matter.

Deadliest earthquake ever? 1556 Shaanxi earthquake. Doesn’t matter. Because the Earth is always in motion, as it has been for over 4 billion years. Linking natural disasters to climate change, and especially man induced global warming, is an exercise in make believe and supposition, with a heavy dose of unprovable garbage in garbage out logic. It would be like me blaming the geese in the pond out back for the house down the street burning down the other year. And saying that they are the cause of other homes not burning down.

Then again, one should never trust a goose. Tricky bastards, one and all.

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7 Responses to “Sigh. Alarmists Still Pushing The Volcano Meme, Now Add Earthquakes”

  1. FishFearMe says:

    Whoever comes up with stuff (earthquakes caused by AGW) is eat up with the dumbass.

  2. manbearpig says:

    That is a complete crock! We all know that earthquakes are caused by promiscuous women.

  3. John Ryan says:

    The bible says that the Earth is only 6000 years old

  4. John Ryan says:

    and the temps are increasing FASTER than at any other time. Yeah Teach so where is that long promised global cooling ?

  5. gitarcarver says:

    The bible says that the Earth is only 6000 years old

    Please cite the book, chapter and verse where this is said in the Bible.

    and the temps are increasing FASTER than at any other time.

    Citation please.

    Back up your assertions.

  6. Otter says:

    One wonders if ‘lil johnnie knows that March of 1908 had nearly the EXACT same temperature profile?

    And if things are warming up faster, so what? The MWP was warmer. The Roman Warm Period was warmer. The Holocene Maximum was warmer than either of those.

    And there was NO industry to pump out pollution and keep the world cool, either. Guess we should just go back to polluting, eh ‘lil johnnie?

  7. captainfish says:

    So, climate change (which is the natural change of the climate through the eons – thus the air and sea) affects deep earth activities like earthquakes and volcanoes.

    Interesting. Now I bet you are going to tell me that the climate on the moon affects the rate of oxidation. Or maybe, it is the size of the rhododendron population that affects the life span of the marsupial rat?

    Or maybe it is the height of trees that determine the height of our atmosphere?

    I mean, if women (by their nature are promiscuous) can affect the climate and geological processes (I know they affect mine) then are these other cause-n-effect relationships any odder?

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