Shocking: Liberal Book Burners Stopped By Fire Department

Another day, another unhinged hypocritical liberal demonstration shot down in, well, not flames

Burning books is a no-no on the University of New Hampshire campus. Oh, it’s OK with the liberal establishment there. It’s only the fire department that objects.

The UNH Womyn’s Club, an unrecognized campus organization, planned to protest the dehumanizing effects of pornography by burning a bunch of it on campus tomorrow. The club was all set to send the offending smut up in flames until Monday, when the fire department rained on the club’s parade.

“They can’t burn what they wanted to burn, magazines and other print material, because it’s not clean material,” Durham Fire Chief Corey Landry told Foster’s Daily Democrat.

How ironic. The feminists can’t burn dirty pictures because the greens got the government to ban the burning of non-clean material.

I give it out of 5 for irony.

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2 Responses to “Shocking: Liberal Book Burners Stopped By Fire Department”

  1. Sometimes a reality check is downright funny! This one takes the cake.

  2. […] Shocking: Liberal Book Burners Stopped By Fire Department […]

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