Obama Leaves No Jobs Stone Unturned At Basketball Game

‘Memba last Saturday?

President Barack Obama on Saturday urged Americans to show patience over the economy and argued that his just-concluded Asia trip was critical for U.S. exports, countering criticism he had returned empty-handed.

With unemployment at a generation high of 10.2 percent and once-lofty popularity ratings down, Obama said a December White House forum will leave no stone unturned in the hunt for jobs.

“Even though it will take time, I can promise you this: we are moving in the right direction; that the steps we are taking are helping,” Obama said in his weekly address, amid signs that the public is getting impatient for results.

Flash forward a week

Press pool left the press room at 1:39 and piled into motorcade. Driving to GW-Oregon State basketball game, where Michelle Obama’s brother Craig Robinson is coaching. Left at 1:42, with POTUS, FLOTUS, Sasha, Malia, grandmother Marian (sp) Robinson.

The game starts and POTUS is munching popcorn from a blue bag and nodding to the action. He appears to be wearing a black jacket and dark brown (?) pants. He’s studying the game intently as he munches. Michelle is smiling and clapping and the kids seem to be enjoying themselves. At 1800 it’s 4-0, OSU. Arena is still only about half full.

You know, I don’t begrudge Obama that much for taking a little relaxation time with the family, but, then, he doesn’t really do all that much besides being the rock star president. How many rounds of golf has he played? How many times has he used AF1 for what is basically personal business (don’t forget, he will be flying to Europe to pick up his shiny Nobel bling in December)? How many parties has he thrown at the White House? He likes the trappings, but, not the responsibility.

On the flip side, the less he actually does as The President, in terms of policy and legislation, the better.

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