War Pr0n: Woah! He Just ‘Sploded!

Do you know what ‘sploding is? Premature detonation. Some Tuesday morning humor

Speaking of ‘sploding, the AMA is now getting behind the President Obama’s health reform plan, whatever the heck it actually is

The American Medical Assn., after 60 years of opposing any government overhaul of healthcare, is now lobbying and advertising to win public support for President Obama’s sweeping plan — a proposal that promises hundreds of billions of dollars for America’s doctors.

Of all the interest groups that have won favorable terms in closed-door negotiations this year, the association representing the nation’s physicians may have taken home the biggest prizes, including an agreement to stop planned cuts in Medicare payments that are worth $228 billion to doctors over 10 years.

So, it appears that President Obama’s plan, whatever the heck it is, still waiting for even a rough outline after his Wednesday campaign speech, is going to be some sort of political bribe to the AMA. Good to know.

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3 Responses to “War Pr0n: Woah! He Just ‘Sploded!”

  1. manbearpig says:

    How soon until Barry apologizes? That was obviously our fault.

  2. I know, we should have stepped in with some ACORN folks to see what we did to offend the jihadis http://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/yahoo4.gif

  3. Damn, can’t even use my own emoticons correctly

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