ACLU Sues To Protect Gitmo Detainees Constitutional Rights. What?

Hey, chumps, the “A” stands for “American”

The ACLU demands that the Department of Justice hand over legal memos addressing the constitutional rights of Guantanamo Bay detainees. In its federal FOIA complaint, the ACLU seeks a 2009 memo on the rights of detainees who may be tried through military commissions in the United States, and the admissibility of statements made through coercion.

Yo, chumps, they aren’t American citizens. If only the ACLU would worry 1/1000th as much about the right of Americans not to have their email hosed up by the White House and having the government put in complete charge of our health care.

Interesting that it is a 2009 memo. Can’t pin this one on Bush.

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One Response to “ACLU Sues To Protect Gitmo Detainees Constitutional Rights. What?”

  1. John Ryan says:

    YO Teach the Constitutional rights are applicable to persons not citizens. Visitors, illegal aliens, and detainees are all covered by the 14th Amendment. Bush was found continually to be violating constitutional protections by courts in the USA including our Supreme Court. Obama must also follow our Constitution. He however will also be grossly hampered by the mistakes that Bush made including basing his case on torture.

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