Newest World Climate Accord Excludes Worst Polluters

Shocker, eh? But it’ll make people feel good about a fantasy. If it wasn’t for double standards, Climahysterics wouldn’t have any standards at all

A new United Nation’s global warming treatyis expected to give some of the world’s worst polluters–such as the communist People’s Republic of China–and some of the world’s wealthiest nations–such as the oil-rich United Arab Emirates–a license to continue freely pumping carbon into the atmosphire while restricting the emissions of the United States. 

The United States will be joining other countries next month in attending “climate talks” in Bonn, Germany,  in preparation for the United Nations’ Conference of the Parties 15 (COP15) climate-change summit that will take place in Copenhagen in December.

Ah, wonderful to be in Bonn in June. Such a lovely tourismspot. The birthplace of Beethoven, you know. Beautiful architecture, a mixing of old world and modern. And don’t forget the romantic Rhine, “A dream of a river valley set between the Rheingau and the Siebengebirge hills.” Anyhow

Countries categorized by the United Nations as Annex 1 Parties, including the United States and much of the industrialized world, are considered developed nations that will not be harmed by controlling carbon emissions. Non-annex I Parties, on the other hand, are countries considered to be “developing” or have “economies in transition.”

These Non-annex 1 countries such as China – which emits the most carbon emissions of any country in the world, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Top 20 Countries for CO2 Emissions–will be able “sign on” to the treaty but will not be legally bound by it. And some of the world’s wealthiest nations, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, are on the Non-annex 1 Parties list.

“It’s very political,” Ben Lieberman, senior policy analyst on energy and the environment at the conservative Heritage Foundation, told “It has as much to do with what nations are willing to accept than per capita wealth or per capita usage of fossil fuels.”

So, are you ready for a double penalty, first from the United States Congress (a lobbyists dream legislation), then from this silly UN accord, neither of which will actually accomplish anything but make a few people feel good for attempting to “do something” while they stand in unemployment and soup lines.

Meanwhile, Queen Nancy is still in China

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged Beijing on Thursday to cooperate on climate change, calling a safe environment a basic human right.

Really? A basic human right? Interesting how she has avoided talkingabout China’s abysmal human rights record while in China, but, we all know that politics trumps all. 20 years from now, people will be wondering about what the big deal with climate change was, much as we look back and say “man, they really suckered us with that nuclear winter and Y2K garbage. And that “population bomb” and Silent Spring crapola.”

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