Obama’s 4 Steps To A Leaner Government Should Come With Hip Waders

So, it is a really beautiful day out, having a bit of a heat wave (yes, we actually have those, libs, it isn’t man-made global warming, relax,) you’re probably chilling this late afternoon, having a cool refreshment, but, hold off a few while reading this. I will not be held responsible for damaged keyboards

In his weekly address, President Barack Obama reiterated his call for fiscal discipline and outlined the steps his administration will take to eliminate waste and increase efficiency. First, the President called on Congress to pass PAYGO legislation.  Next, the administration will create incentives for agencies to cut costs and identify savings.  Third, the administration will establish a process for every government employee to submit their ideas on how their agency can save money and perform better.  Finally, the administration will reach outside of Washington for ideas by convening a forum on reforming government for the 21st century later this year.

This seems much like a cocaine addict lecturing people not too do drugs while playing with a razor, mirror, and rolled up $1,000 bill with his/her dealer waiting at the back door. As Fox News points out, or, for our liberal friends, Faux News

The federal deficit is projected to hit a record high of more than $1.8 trillion this year, due in large part to the government providing aid to Wall Street firms and other struggling companies, as well as Obama’s $787 stimulus package. Pay-as-you-go legislation wouldn’t affect that spending.

And for more humor, let’s head to the Washington Post to check that suggestion box

On the very day that President Obama proposed in his radio and Internet address a virtual suggestion box for government employees to help save taxpayer money, he got one.

“Stop spending trillions of taxpayer dollars,” offered Antonia Ferrier. She happens to be a spokeswoman for House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio).

In another post, the Washington Post breaks down the 4 steps, and doesn’t seem to be feeling the hopeNchange.

So, is Obama history’s greatest con man?

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